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Cascade Window Cleaning
Came on time, did a great job, left the windows shiny. Would definitely use again.
B E Security Systems Ltd
I was pleasantly surprise on the professionalism, prompt reply and reliable service I received from B E Security Systems. Highly recommended.
Amatrix Consulting Engineers
They we're great, the only company to clearly outline the differences in service available and quote me for what i actually needed. Punctual, polite, and reasonable quote. I would recommend and hire again.
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Structural inspection / appraisal
We did a entrance porch extension about 15 years ago. The foundation was not properly done so the extension is detaching from the main building
Olufemi A. SE12 9HB
Architectural design / consultancy
rear kitchen extension
Emiliano M. N7 8UN
Water leak detection / repair
Brown wet patch on kitchen ceiling, bathroom above
Joyce H. E62SL
Loft conversion
lining out and plastering of studio above garage and construct wooden stairway and balcony.
SRJohn GL12 8HB
Steel beam calculations
1) Removing an internal wall which included a chimney Brest, (pictures of both sides attached)and 2) extending existing opening between two rooms.
Alasdair H. IP20 9BH
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