When it comes to upcycling, a wooden pallet may as well be a blank canvas for all the creativity it can inspire!

It seems that every day professional and amateur designers alike are coming up with new and creative ways of repurposing pallets. Of course, this is not just a coincidence: reclaimed wood has a lot of visual appeal and pallets are not only incredibly easy to come by, but they are also quite cheap.

Another reason for why pallets have become so popular for interior design is their versatility. Pallets are designed to be structurally sound, and so they can be repurposed into items like furniture or shelving fairly easily. Someone with no carpentry training whatsoever could turn a pallet into a table, a chair or a set of shelves without any need for professional help.

Here are some of our favourite pieces that were made using upcycled pallets!

We chose to start with an example that shows what everyday pallets are capable of.

The designer here has used a set of pallets to create a quaint and stylish outdoor seating area. Pallets are quite structurally sound, and so little work would have been needed to assemble the bench, aside from choosing the cushions! A bright coat of paint and a template-graphic was all it took to turn another palette into a unique accompanying table. 

This project proves that it doesn't take expensive furniture to get your garden ready for summer!


This example required some well ingrained woodworking skills, but the resulting piece definitely demonstrates how cheap upcycled pieces can easily rival expensive brands in terms of style and appearance.

What we love about this piece is that it is multipurpose, providing both storage space and a sturdy location to mount the television. It goes to show what a versatile item like a wooden pallet can become when put in the right hands.


This set of shelves is pure rustic ambience. By removing half of the pallet and a few of the boards on one side, this designer has managed to create a three tiered wall shelf with the perfect balance of practicality and style.

One of the great things about this piece is that it shows how well the standard dimensions for a pallet can lend themselves to different types of furniture, such as shelving or tabletops. You can see why they are such a popular choice for upcycling!


Pallets are an ideal choice if you are looking to create an upcycled table as they are built to be structurally sound. A pallet in good condition is quite easy to treat, paint and repurpose, just as the designer of this example has done!

Again, one of things we like about pieces like this is their simplicity. Any homeowner could do something like this with their own choice of colours and tabletop graphics.


A beautiful work of art that would look right at home on a bathroom wall, this piece shows the appeal of a pallet's materials.

This seahorse was made using reclaimed pallet wood. While it took a steady hand and some good craft knowledge to work the wood into this shape, it shows how cheaper materials can be turned into genuinely valuable home accessories. The rugged look of the wood gives the art a rustic appeal that could make it a must-have feature for the right design scheme.