5 Ways to Renovate your Home with Blue

A classic colour to use in any home, different shades of blue will relax, draw the eye or create a statement. This versatile colour can give a room character and lends itself to a great number of themes, which is why we’ve given some top tips on how to apply this colour around the house.

Bright, intense blues will give the room a strong personality whilst still being easy to match to decorations

  • Blue Paint

Blue walls can have an astounding effect on the mood of a room; if it’s a deep ocean blue, it will have a calming manner, whereas sky blues will imitate the outdoors and give the room a light and airy feel. Bright, intense blues will give the room a strong personality whilst still being easy to match to decorations. 

There are so many options when using blues that it is best to consider what impact you would like the room to have before you explore the shades! For definition, why not paint one wall of a room a darker blue than the rest?

  • Blue Carpet

A deep blue carpet will emphasise a relaxing and cosy atmosphere in a room. With bright furniture and decorations contrasting against it, it can become a key feature in your home. 

Match it with whites and sandy yellows to create a beach theme or keep it light and spacious with a pastel blue. Despite being a common colour in home decor, it can still create an individual and unique room.    

  • Blue Stairs

Having a blue staircase is like having a personal waterfall in your home. Combining it with light and bright decor will bring out the best of a deep ocean blue colour, whilst a darker hallway with a light pastel shade of blue on the stairs will emphasise the space. 

Modern staircases do not need to be wooden, indeed using the colour blue not only creates character but can create an air of luxury.

  • Blue Flooring

If the upkeep of carpeting is too much for you, why not consider vinyl or laminate flooring? Hard flooring is easier and quicker to clean and lasts longer than carpeting. 

If you like the idea of a glossy finish, then vinyl or laminate flooring is worth a look in. In blue, this flooring would appear to reflect like water which could be an amazing feature in a room! Alternatively, if you’re more interested in a matt-finish, then painted wood is also an option. This could work well in a seaside themed room!

  • Blue Kitchen

Blue is a brilliant statement colour to have in the kitchen! It works well with a number of design themes including nautical and period, or if preferred, it can keep give the room a contemporary edge. 

Many small appliances are available in different shades of blue as well, so you can easily match your toaster and kettle to the chosen colour! Blue is also a useful colour to have in this room as it naturally relaxes, which is always helpful in the kitchen!

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