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While previous decades were known for properties filled with colour, modern homeowners seem to have a real love of grey. With tones that range from light and airy to dark and stylish, grey is a surprisingly versatile colour that can find its place easily in a modern home, whether on the walls, furniture or even the flooring.

Renovating a property can require you to take not just your own preferences into consideration, but those of the wider market as well. We are finally moving away from the consensus that white walls and wooden floors are the height of good design; nowadays, a good use of grey can provide a welcomed change that potential buyers will find both relieving and greatly appealing.

If you are decorating a property and need professional help, there is no shame in speaking to a local interior designer. As well as providing useful ideas and contacts, they will also be able to help you see how your space can come together, allowing you to come up with more comprehensive and beautiful designs. For help in interior painting or wallpapering, your best bet will be to speak to a local decorator.

Grey wallpaper

People might usually associate creativity with a blank painter’s canvas, but wallpaper actually offers a wealth of opportunities for decorators willing to experiment. Gold and silver accents combine beautifully with almost any shade of grey, while the right pattern can instantly fill a room with a sense of pure opulence. Whether warm and welcoming or cool and modern, grey wallpaper is a popular choice for both bedrooms and living rooms.

Before choosing your grey wallpaper, be sure to compare a few different samples. Try to imagine what kind of mood each of your options will convey and do not be afraid to experiment with colour (yellow in particular goes excellently with soft greys). You should also remember that a poor wallpapering job is easy to spot; if you want that luxurious look, be sure to book a wallpapering service with a local decorator.

Grey curtains

Something that homeowners tend to forget is that curtains can make a valuable contribution to a room’s decor. They can provide an opportunity to add another shade to the room’s palette, or simply add a touch of elegance.

It is also important to realise the benefits that a set of curtains can offer a property. A great deal of heat loss in a typical home occurs through the windows; a set of curtains can keep a property cool in summer and warm in winter, lowering energy bills and reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

Grey laminate flooring

Over the last several years, cheaper home improvement options like laminate flooring have actually come a long way. They are much better able to emulate other surfaces, such as ever-popular hardwood or even ceramics, and can be made with a variety of textures and designs.

Grey laminate flooring is an excellent choice if you want to give a room a professional and modern ambience. While it is usually the most expensive options that best resemble other materials, virtually all laminate flooring is stain, scratch and impact resistant, not to mention extremely long lasting. If you want to find out more about your options, spend some time looking on the Internet or speak to a local flooring specialist.

Grey rugs

When it comes to decorating, we tend to only think about what we can see at eye level. This really is a shame, considering just how well floor accessories can bring a room together. 

Just as wallpaper offers a huge variety of patterns, rugs and carpeting come in a wide range of designs and textures. A large area rug can make all of the furniture in a room seem like part of a set, or simply provide a warm cushion between bare feet and cold flooring.

Grey furniture

With the range of emotions that grey can convey, you can usually place grey furniture in almost any room in a house. Grey sofas can make a lounge feel warm and welcoming, while a grey dresser can help to make a bedroom seem elegant and modern. It helps to experiment and learn about what’s on offer by looking at furniture showrooms or searching online; trust us when we say that there is no shortage of inspiration out there!

A particularly good point about grey sofas is that they go excellently with other colours, such as white, yellow or blue. As such, even doing something as simple as adding colourful pillows to a grey sofa can raise its profile and allow it to make more of a contribution to the room’s ambience.