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If you’re looking to add some colour to your home and brighten the interiors at the same time, then yellow is the way to go! Whether you prefer a softer shade or a bright and bold tone of this happy colour, it’s bound to add some positive energy around your home. Read on for tips on how to fully take advantage of this sunny colour.

It can really emphasise a sunny atmosphere and make those early mornings just a little bit easier!

  • Yellow Paint   

If a room is lacking natural light or space, then painting the walls a lighter shade of yellow can really help. 

This colour naturally makes a room feel brighter and more spacious, and when matched with white decor, it can really emphasise a sunny atmosphere and make those early mornings a little bit easier! If you’ve got more of a modern or bold taste, then brighter yellows matched with darker furniture gives off a unique and luxurious finish.

  • Yellow Carpet

If you’re a fan of the seaside, then a sandy coloured carpet applied with sky blue and white coloured decor can simulate the beach in your home. If you’re more daring, as well as brightening it up, a bolder shade of yellow on the carpet can really modernise a room and emphasise the furniture you match with it. 

Both dark and light woods work well with yellows or for more of an impact, you can add touches of gold for a more luxurious finish!

  • Yellow Stairs

Most staircases lack natural light as they are usually central in the home layout. If this is the case for you, then a yellow staircase could really brighten up the core of your home. 

This can be coloured as a pastel yellow, to keep the impact soft, or go bright and bold for a strong and contemporary statement. Keep the walls white for brightness whilst emphasising space or add touches of light blue to bring the sky into your home!

  • Yellow Flooring

If maintaining carpet is a bit of a hassle for you then you may want to consider vinyl, laminate or wooden flooring. Hard flooring is much easier to clean and is likely to last longer as well. If you would like a bright and glossy finish, then yellow laminate or vinyl flooring is the way to go. 

Or if you’re after a softer impact but don’t want to lose the brightness, then try painted wooden flooring. Bright and attractive flooring can really have a positive effect on the mood of a room, and whilst yellow is a strong choice, if the right shade is selected it can make a room unique as well as modern.

  • Yellow Kitchen

Not your everyday theme to find in the kitchen, however, yellow can really bring a touch of elegance and luxury if applied correctly. It can emphasise freshness as well as brightness, and of course, positivity, making it an ideal choice for the kitchen! 

With matching decor, such as lemons and bananas, and bold contrasting colours, such as black and white, the yellow features can be well-defined and personalise your kitchen!