Kitchen Colours

With all of the creativity that can happen in a kitchen, it seems appropriate to add a burst of colour where you can. Too often kitchens are decorated with neutral tones and uninspired decor meant to appeal to the wider crowd, as opposed to anything that makes the room seem genuinely lived in or enjoyed.

A kitchen full of colour and personality is a refreshing change from this norm. We like seeing decor that fills a room with character, and using colour is the perfect way to achieve this.

Here are some of our favourite kitchens that make wonderful use of colour!

This kitchen is positively bursting with personality. With current trends favouring pure white walls and softer colours, you might be shocked to see a kitchen like this. However, it's important to remember when decorating a house that you choose colours and materials which appeal to you and your character.

Having said that, these bold clashing colours are certainly not for everyone. However, if you are a homeowner planning to stay in your property for several years, why not really make the place your own?

Kitchen colour

This yellow may seem soft compared to more startling colours, but against the white walls it appears bold and bright. This clashing effect is well constructed, as we can see from the inside of the open cupboard.

Another thing we like about this kitchen is the coloured flooring. The alternating wooden boards don't just increase the room's character; they also create a path-like transition between the kitchen and the next area, thus helping to define the room's boundaries.

Kitchen Colours

What we like about this kitchen is the normality that exists despite the mishmash of colour. All things considered, this seems like a fairly standard kitchen that just happens to have an injection of bright colours, and in a strange way they make it seem much more homely. 

The white tiles and black wooden flooring convey the kind of quality that you might see in a show-home, while the injection of colour makes the place look lived in and loved. This is a kitchen that belongs to someone, and their efforts to make it their own have extended to picking out some wonderful art and accessories.

Kitchen Colours

This is another good example of emphasising your colour using clashing white walls. However, what really makes this kitchen's decor stand out is its use of natural light. The full length window will flood the room, making the bright walls and fittings positively glow.

Another thing worth pointing out with this kitchen is the choice of flooring. Wooden floors are a versatile choice that can fit well with several different design schemes, but the particular reddish grain of the flooring in this example allows it to make its own contribution to the bright fiery hues of the room.

Kitchen Colours

A lot of the examples we have looked at so far have relied on bright plastic and other manufactured materials to fill a room with colour. While this kitchen does this too, it also makes good use of natural materials to expand its colour scheme in a more organic way.

The concrete, granite and wood of the kitchen all contribute to the colour palette. These elements contrast both the colour and material of the kitchen cupboards for a complex and charming picture.

Kitchen Colours