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Ah, the royals. Love them or hate them they are an integral part of British culture and some of nation’s most familiar faces. They spend their lives in the public eye, but with another royal wedding on the way there has been a tangible upsurge of interest in who they are, what they do and how they live.

Royal residences in particular are strong sources of national pride. Throngs of visitors flock to buildings like Buckingham Palace and Balmoral to learn about how the royals really live and, perhaps more importantly, how they like to decorate!

There is certainly a lot to say about ‘royal’ decor. Certain fanatics invest thousands in transforming their home interiors to match these centuries-old palaces, but the truth is that this simply isn’t necessary. Royal interiors might espouse pure class and sophistication, but mimicking this style need not require a grant from the privy purse.

To commemorate the royal wedding, we decided to take a look at some of the most prominent aspects of royal decor so that you too can bring a touch of royalty to your home. This is not just about being a fan of Harry and Meghan: creating a designated formal space in a social room of your property can set an impressive tone for when you have guests over, or you could even boost the value of your home.

Ditch the cheap tourist knick knacks: here are some of the very best ways to bring the royal touch to your home!

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How to add a touch of royalty to your home

  • Glowing colours - Looking at the royal rooms, something you will notice quickly is a preference for warm, bold colours and deep hues. Rich reds are particularly common (or as ‘common’ as the royal family could possible get, anyway) but that signature touch of opulence can also be achieved with profound purples, sapphire blues, emerald greens and classic burgundy. Be sure to choose plastic or acrylic paints to really bring these colours out, or opt for wallpaper (don’t worry if you think this sounds like cheating - there’s plenty on the walls of Buckingham Palace!) For help with choosing the best options to suit your room, be sure to book an interior design consultation with a local interior designer.
  • Antiques - The royal family has a stunning collection of valuables, some centuries old, that are proudly displayed throughout their various abodes. While you might not have the equivalent of the Crown Jewels close at hand, you can still bring a sense of class to your home by investing in decorative antiques. Old furniture, wall hangings and other accessories have an enduring character that will quickly draw interest from guests. You could find the perfect examples at your local antique shop, car boot sale or second hand store, though it is important to know exactly where your new accessory will be going before you make a purchase. Do you have a large empty space on your wall, or a spot in your living room to fill with furniture? You may even have an awkward empty space ideal for a pedestal, where you can display your new piece with pride. Be sure to ask about the history of the object so that you can educate enamoured guests!

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  • Wall mouldings - In case you haven’t realised it yet, the royals tend to go all out with home design. You will spot intricate mouldings throughout their properties, not just around ceiling borders but taking pride of place on walls and ceilings. Rather than mere aesthetic trappings, many of these mouldings come across as classic works of art; extras that help bridge the stylistic gap between ‘modern’ wealth and the enduring style of true royalty.
  • Gold and silver - All that glitters may not be gold, but it certainly looks fancy! Mouldings, picture frames, mirrors and furniture throughout the royal residences are painted in shining gold and silver, and you are sure to spot the colours accenting any wallpaper you find. Granted, a choice like this can become tacky when used in excess, but the advantage of using silver and gold in moderation is that it is easy to pair them with a number of different colours. Even something as simple as cream and silver striped wallpaper could add a convincing touch of regality to your home.

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  • Long drapes - Just like the royals themselves, many of their decorative traditions go back centuries. Long floor-to-ceiling drapes, for example, are a tradition from the days before central heating! All kidding aside, heavy drapes can do wonders for your home’s energy efficiency, especially if you are unable to upgrade your windows. They also offer another excuse to add a touch of colour to a room.
  • Family photos - The rooms and halls of royal households are positively littered with revered portraits of prominent monarchs and famous family members. Even if all you have are photos of your own loved ones, there is a tangible sense of respect that comes with knowing and exhibiting your own family line, especially if you can reach back past living memory. Some even choose to decorate with pictures of strangers (you may laugh, but if you keep an eye out the next time you visit an antique shop you could find some truly photogenic folks looking for a wall to call home). Keeping an eye out for bargain paintings is certainly essential for creating a royal design on a budget, or you could even purchase a print of your favourite monarchical portrait.

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  • Royal rugs - Look at the floors of Buckingham Palace and you will quickly notice how fond the royals are of rugs; not just IKEA floor coverings, proper ornate rugs which come across as portraits of fine fabric. While the most esteemed examples are expensive and handmade, with the skills of the weaver forming a large part of their charm, it is perfectly possible to find second hand or mass-produced options to suit your own home. Keep an eye open for bargains, remembering that filthy rugs can still be cleaned. If you find a cheap but sorry looking floor covering, don’t be afraid to take a chance by giving it a new home.
  • Timber trappings - A common sight in grand castles and estates throughout Europe is hardwood flooring. With the right care, a wooden floor can quite easily outlast the monarch who installs it, with many having endured for several centuries. Timber furniture is also a must, along with upholstered fabric and rich colours. Keep in mind that this is not like investing in IKEA style timber. These pieces are expertly shaped and cut, often made bespoke by professional joiners. Look for pieces of your own in a few local antique stores, or speak to a furniture specialist if you need help finding the perfect addition to your own personal palace.