When it comes to creating a garden, you might think that few people would consider using AstroTurf. After all, there was a time when most of us only ever saw AstroTurf on sports courts. 

However, artificial grass products actually have a lot to offer. AstroTurf requires minimal maintenance, as it never needs to be mowed or watered. It is also easy to clean, more than suitable for children and pets, and can be used all year round.

With more homeowners becoming aware of the advantages of artificial grass laying, we are starting to see some fantastic examples of its use. 

Here are just a few of our favourite examples of homes that use AstroTurf.

This is a great example for showing the versatility of AstroTurf. The homeowner clearly put a lot of money into landscaping this garden, but AstroTurf was still chosen over standard grass for the lawn.

It appears that this garden was designed more for aesthetic charm than for doing much actual gardening. For a project like this, maintenance-free AstroTurf can be an ideal addition. It looks good throughout the year, so you can enjoy it without having to lift a finger.


Looking at this garden, it is clear that AstroTurf was an excellent choice. This attractive modern design included comfortable seating, attractive plants, but also left a large open area. With maintenance free AstroTurf, this space is perfect for holding parties!

Another advantage of AstroTurf is that it is quite easy to clean (it is even suitable for pets!) Because of this, it can be an ideal choice for someone who loves to throw garden parties, but hates the drawn out cleaning that comes afterwards.


This is a great example for showing how creative you can get with AstroTurf. With its appearance and texture it makes a great alternative for real grass, even indoors!

The designer of this play area chose to use AstroTurf as a play surface. While it would be a stretch to claim that children playing here will feel like they're outside, the area has definitely benefitted from the injection of colour. Plus, once again, this surface will be easy to clean, which will be a big advantage if the play area sees a lot of use.


Easy to measure, cut and install, AstroTurf has proven surprisingly popular for balcony gardens.

When you live in a city like London, the idea of owning your own garden can seem like a pipe dream. In this example, the resident has used AstroTurf to create a quaint and relaxing little green space, perfect for relaxing outside or firing up the BBQ!


No matter the area, no matter the size, AstroTurf can help you create your own green space!

It's safe to say that the owner of this space really went all out: sitting area, hammock, plants, even an outside dining area! Unfortunately, it would not have been an option for them to complete this space with a real lawn. 

By using AstroTurf, they have managed to fully round off this wonderful outdoor area, giving it a complete look that makes us wish summer would get here sooner!


This example really shows what you can achieve with good design, even in a small space. 

With AstroTurf, a few folding chairs and some luscious plants, the owner of this space has created a quaint and cosy sitting area, perfect for relaxing in the summer sun.


AstroTurf can be a hugely valuable tool when you want your green spaces to be more... creative.

All it took was some AstroTurf to turn this table and stool set into ideal garden furniture. AstroTurf can just as easily be used for carpeting, or even wallpaper. Unlike with normal grass, the only limit for AstroTurf is your own imagination!


With all the advantages of AstroTurf, it can be perfect for creating a children's play area. It is clear that this garden is for kids: all it needed was a play house and plenty of open space for games.

Of course, this maintenance-free open space could also be perfect for entertaining friends or doing outdoor exercise. For a family that gets a lot of active use out of their lawn, AstroTurf can be an ideal choice.