The bedroom is where we all start and end our day; it's a place for comfort and relaxation. Your bedroom's decor should suit this purpose, and a big part of any complete room decor is a carefully chosen floor.

While choices like carpeting and hard wood are common, more and more homeowners are choosing contemporary options like concrete or tiling. Of course there are always trade offs between different types, but there are always ways around for determined designers!


Types of Bedroom Flooring

  • Carpet - Safe and soft, carpeting offers a huge variety of choice in terms of colour, design and type. Although carpeting requires fairly regular cleaning, this is less of an issue in the bedroom than, say, in the kitchen. It is also not too hard wearing, and can be a poor choice for people with certain allergies. It is best to speak to a professional carpet fitter or experienced handyman about proper installation.
  • Hardwood - Hardwood flooring has a timelessly appealing look which is hard to emulate. It is easy to clean and is extremely hard wearing, though it still requires refinishing every so often. It is also quite a loud option, which might make it less suitable as bedroom flooring in a large shared house. There are a number of different types and grades for hardwood floor; it is best to speak to a flooring specialist about finding the best option to suit you. 

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  • Laminate Wood
     - Though a cheaper option, laminate wood still looks good, and offers a great degree of choice. It can also be softened with the addition of some under-padding. A disadvantage is that it can be slightly harder to clean, as the boards can warp when exposed to moisture.
  • Engineered Wood - Engineered wood is a cheaper alternative to hard wood that is easier to install, though many consider its appearance to look relatively cheap compared to hardwood. It is easy to clean, still looks great, and comes in a variety of types and finishes.


  • Concrete
     - Concrete is a popular option for a more contemporary style bedroom. Concrete floor is solid, hard wearing and customisable, with a wide variety of colours and finishes. The biggest disadvantage of concrete flooring is that it can be quite cold to the touch, though one could get around this with a warm rug or mat.
  • Tiles - Another relatively odd choice, tiles offer the chance for a truly unique look in your bedroom. There is such a huge variety of types, grades and designs when it comes to tiles; why not get a custom mosaic design? Like concrete, tiles can be quite cold underfoot, though this could be solved with the installation of under-floor heating. Speak to a tiler for advice on sourcing tiles that match your preferences.

Bedroom Flooring Accessories

It is important to remember that your bedroom floor is one part of a larger design: think about your walls, furniture and use of colour elsewhere in the room when choosing your bedroom flooring. You may be able to benefit from a consultation with an interior designer if you are having trouble.

It is also with remembering that your choice of bedroom flooring does not start and end with the type of floor. You could add to your floor with a rug made of plush, wool silk, shag or even fur or hide. 

You could also choose to upgrade your floor with electrical underfloor heating. This can make you feel nice and toasty on cold days, and also lessens one of the disadvantages of choices like tile.