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When it comes to enjoying the summer sun and taking in views of your beautiful garden, you can’t do much better than a stunning conservatory. Despite being a highly desirable home feature, however, many homeowners find themselves asking whether conservatories are really worth the cost.

The answer, as is often the case with major home improvements, depends on the type of property you have and where it is. While there are a large number of advantages to having a conservatory, they should not come at the expense of most of your garden space. If your property is already worth a great deal for the area you live in, you may also find that building a conservatory will not necessarily add as much value to your home as you expect.

That said, not all of the advantages of having a conservatory are to do with home value. In our current ‘improve, don’t move’ housing market, conservatory installation can be one of the most cost-effective ways to provide your home with more usable living space. Your new conservatory could form the perfect transition between your home and garden, or give you the opportunity to extend your living or dining room.

Most of the time, a conservatory installation would be handled by a local builder. However, you may also be able to find local conservatory specialist companies which will have more experienced Pros on hand. The key is to check the past projects and portfolios of your potential hires to make sure that their work is up to snuff. 

For a successful project, make sure that you invest the right amount of time in conservatory design. You may be surprised to know that there are a wide variety of popular conservatory models and styles, each with their own characteristics and costs. Choose a design that will suit the size and shape of your garden, leaving you with both a comfortable indoor space and a beautiful view of the outdoors.

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Should I get a conservatory?

Whether or not your property is suitable for a conservatory will depend on a few different factors, most importantly the size of your garden. You do not want to lose all of your garden, as this too is a valuable home feature. You should also consider the location of your garden and the direction in which your conservatory would be facing. For example, if you can build a south-facing conservatory, you will enjoy much more sunlight.

It is worth pointing out now that an under-budget conservatory will usually be a false economy. While you may save money on your installation, the work will fail to impress future renters and buyers (and you probably won’t get much use out of it yourself!) Cheaper conservatories can also incur additional long term maintenance costs, such as waterproofing and heating.

If you really want to know whether a conservatory will successfully add value to your home, it will be a good idea to speak to a local estate agent. An agent experienced with local property prices should be able to assess your home, consider it alongside others in the area and conclude whether or not your property has already hit the local price ceiling. If this is the case, potential buyers will be more likely to look elsewhere than pay extra for a home with a conservatory. However, if you still have enough wiggle room then investing in a conservatory now could seriously pay off down the line.

Conservatory benefits

  • Usable space - Space is a valuable commodity, especially in a home with a growing family. Adding a conservatory to your home can allow you to extend your kitchen, living room or dining area, or you could treat it as its own separate space. Indeed, a conservatory could be ideal for a family room, office, or simply a room to sit, relax and enjoy the sunshine.
  • Natural light - Letting more natural light into your property is never a bad thing. Not only can sunlight have a wonderful effect on your health, it is also free of charge and can put a serious dent in your energy bills. 
  • Enjoy your garden - A conservatory will allow you to sit and admire your garden all year round, even as it gets cold and wet. To get as much use out of it as possible, it can be a good idea to include insulation during the installation, or to have a heating engineer install a radiator. 
  • Cheaper than moving - The cost of building a good quality conservatory usually ranges between £10k and £20k. With the current state of the property market, this can be much cheaper than moving to a new property for more space.
  • Smooth transition - One of the main stylistic advantages of conservatories is that they form a perfect transition between a property and its garden.
  • Choice - There are actually quite a few types of conservatory, from tiny lean-to models to fully fledged orangeries. Be sure to spend some time looking at your different options. For a particularly expensive or stylish build, it can be a good idea to have the plans drawn up by a local architectural designer.