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We all dream of being our own boss and working from home! However, with today’s lack of space and cost-conscious attitude, can we really afford to build an office in our property? We have found five home office building ideas which are inexpensive as well as quick to achieve. So where would you have yours?

This needn’t be an expensive addition, however, an attractive and aesthetically pleasing office can easily be achieved on a budget

Stephen Jury, spokesperson for Plentific, said: “More and more of us are working from home these days; whether we own our own business or need to stay with the children, an office is becoming an essential commodity to every household.

This needn’t be an expensive addition, however, an attractive and aesthetically pleasing office can easily be achieved on a budget.”   

  • Garden Pod

Garden Pod 2

Find yourself struggling to focus on work in the house? A Garden Pod adds sophistication to your outdoors and gives you natural light, whilst taking away those home distractions! 

Not all outdoor offices need to be shed-shaped. You can give your outdoor office a truly unique finish with the help of a local architectural designer

  • Convert Balcony

Balcony Home Office

If you’re lacking space but happen to have a balcony which isn’t in use, it may be worth considering a conversion. 

You receive plenty of light in this space and, whilst being compact, you have your own room for your work. Not to mention this can give your office an amazing view! To begin converting, speak to a local structural engineer and builder.  

  • Use the Loft

Loft Conversion

A loft needn’t be a tight squeeze if laid out correctly. Make use of the entire room and keep the decor light and bright to make it look more spacious. 

Converting a loft is inexpensive and convenient as an working space; it privatises your office and separates you from the noise of the house. So if that space is going spare, why not take advantage of it? Speak to a local builder to begin converting. 

  • Spare Room

Home Office 2

If your spare room is no longer in use then this can quickly be converted into an office, even if it’s a box room. 

This looks more professional if you have visits from clients and you can easily tailor the room to suit your taste! Its quick, convenient and saves you from paying rent for an office elsewhere. 

  • Under the Stairs

Home Office Under Stairs

Using this space keeps your office both convenient and out of the way. This can become a pricey addition if you have the office custom built to fit the area, however, if pulled off it can easily add value to the property.

Looking to create you own home office? We can help you find your local interior designer, handyman or builder!