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Designing a bedroom for someone can be a pretty daunting task, but creating a bedroom for a child presents a special challenge. Not only do you have to worry about giving them an environment in which they can play, relax and study, but you also have to do your work with the knowledge that children inevitably change their tastes as they get older.

With the growth of sharing websites like Pinterest allowing designers, both amateur and professional, to post their freshly redesigned rooms online, many of us forget the simple truth that not all bedrooms have to look like something straight out of a magazine. While you might think a plain white room with primary coloured furniture would look modern and stylish, the young boy who would actually be living there could hate the design. Why? Because it doesn’t suit his own preferences, his own wants and his own needs.

In other words, it can be a big help to include your child in the design phase. Having said that, there are a few essentials which you will need to keep in mind and, if necessary, insist on. These include proper storage, decent organisation and sensible spending. After all, you would not want to spend thousands on the room’s decor only for the child to decide they hate it after a year or so.

You will need to decide, of course, whether you will create the bedroom as a DIY job or if you want to bring in a professional. A local interior designer can give you and your child valuable advice on choosing what the room will be like, from the decor to the furniture. If you struggle to find the perfect furniture for the room, you should consider speaking to a carpenter about designing something bespoke. A handyman can also come in handy when it comes to assembling new furniture. Finally, a local painter/ decorator will be able to decorate the room to a high standard, whether your son wants plain white decor or a completely unique graffiti wall!

With that in mind, here are some of our favourite ideas for designing a boy’s bedroom!

High sleepers

High sleepers are a tried, tested and much loved option when it comes to choosing the bed for a child’s room. They allow you to free up the floorspace that would otherwise be taken up by the bed, so that it can be used for a seating or storage area. Needless to say, they are particularly useful when designing small bedrooms.

A further advantage of high sleepers is that the bottom sections usually come pre-designed. This often includes a desk, or even in-built cupboards and drawers.

Wall Stickers and accessories

As any parent will tell you, what interests a child one day can completely bore them the next. In a similar vein, that cartoonish wallpaper that your child wants so much now will one day be seen as embarrassing and immature. As a general rule, it is best to avoid spending too much on the decor aspects of a child’s bedroom if you can help it.

A great alternative is to choose an inoffensive colour, such as blue, white or grey, and to then use accessories to decorate and add colour to the room. Wall stickers are a good option here, as they can allow you to customise the room in a way that will be easy to undo down the line. There are even giant wall stickers available which create an instant statement wall!

Look online with your child and you will find some fascinating accessory ideas, from skateboard walls art to unique rugs and bedsheets.

Upcycled furniture

Storage units and other furniture can be expensive to replace every time you redesign a room. So, how can you make it so that useful old furniture doesn’t look out of place in your child’s new room? The answer, naturally, is upcycling!

‘Upcycling’ is essentially when you recycle an old object by redesigning and or repurposing it. This is the explanation for odd ideas like chairs being nailed to walls for extra hanging space, but there are also some great ideas floating out there for you to take inspiration from.

For example, if you have a trusty old wardrobe, why not give it a fresh new lick of paint instead of replacing it? A new colour, and perhaps some fresh accents and handles, can make it look like a whole new piece of furniture, allowing it to survive in as many re-decorations as necessary as your child gets older.

Even better, upcycling ideas can help you find a new use for anything that your child grows out of!

Storage, storage and more storage

One thing that is guaranteed not to change as your child gets older is their need for proper storage space. Growing kids, and teenagers in particular, tend to create a lot of clutter without a lot of effort. Even the most well designed room can be ruined by strewn belongings and piles of dirty laundry, so do your child a favour by not giving them an excuse for not putting their things away.

When it comes to storage, particularly in small rooms, research is absolutely key. You will find some great storage solutions online, from hidden under-bed drawers to floating shelves. If necessary, you can even have a carpenter create bespoke furniture to fit the room’s unique dimensions.

Keep in mind that storage does not just have to be for keeping things out of sight. If your child has any particular interests, hobbies or even achievements he’d like to show off, why not give him a display shelf?

Get them involved!

As a child gets older, their bedroom becomes more than just a place to sleep and play: it becomes their own private space where they can be alone, learn about themselves and have fun with friends, often without the constant watching eye of mum and dad! The space will eventually start to reflect their developing character, so why not give them a positive push by getting them involved in designing their own room?

Your child may very well have a perfectly clear idea of what they want for their bedroom. It can be an excellent idea to talk them through their options and look for ideas together, reminding them of the necessities as they go, so that the end result is a room that has everything they need and want. 

Besides, you’ll have free reign to redecorate the room again as soon as they move out!