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Cleaning gutters is dirty and potentially dangerous work. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by finding a tradesman to do the job through Plentific, the UK’s fastest growing home improvement marketplace. The Plentific websites hosts information on over 75,000 trade professionals from across the UK, and can quickly generate a bespoke contact list of the best options for you in your local area. You can also compare tradesmen quickly with Plentific’s tradesman profiles, which display a potential hire’s qualifications, experience and customer reviews. The Plentific Guarantee, which can cover your entire project, will also become available if you hire a verified Plentific Pro.

What do I need to know about cleaning gutters?

Over time a property’s gutters can become clogged, usually with moss, leaves or twigs. This can prevent proper drainage and lead to problems like damp. It is generally advised that you check your gutters at least twice a year, usually at the start of autumn and the end of winter.

Cleaning gutters is fairly simple; usually a tradesman can do it with just a ladder, gloves, bucket and trowel. If a tradesman regularly cleans gutters they may have specialist tools like a guttervac. Depending on the height of the guttering this can be a potentially dangerous job, so take the time to ask your potential hires about their approach to safety. This should include proper headgear, a ladder, a second pair of hands if necessary and, if your gutters are high enough, scaffolding.

The cost of having your gutters cleaned will depend on their length. Most tradesmen charge between £4 and £12 per meter of guttering, though price can also vary depending on your location in the UK.

It is generally advised that you check your gutters at least twice a year, usually at the start of autumn and the end of winter.

Finding a tradesman to clean gutters

Cleaning gutters is not a specialist job; people commonly hire handymen or window cleaners for this kind of work. Ask your window cleaner before doing anything else. As they would not have to do any additional travelling for the work they should be able to offer you a lower rate. You can save even more money by organising a group deal with your neighbours. If your drainage system is in particularly bad shape, you may need to hire a drainage specialist

Any tradesmen you hire should have active Public Liability Insurance, and should be able to provide a warranty/ guarantee for their work.

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