Childrens room

Having to design any kind of room can be a chore, but there's something special about children's room design. It's a fantastic excuse to think about how you can add fun and excitement to a room instead of just 'the essentials', and some of the ideas that designer and architect parents have come up with are enough to fill anyone's inner child with delight.

While some of the ideas on this list seem out of this world, a well qualified local interior designer can really bring room design to the next level. Aside from having great relations with subcontractors who can provide materials and furniture of the kind we see below, they are also experts in working according to budgets and maximising the use of space in any room, no matter how small. When it comes to nursery design, the knowledge and experience of an interior designer can be crucial for making sure that your child has everything they need.

Here are some of our favourite creative ideas for kids' rooms!

Rock climbing walls have become an increasingly popular feature for kids' bedrooms, and honestly it is not difficult to see why. Vertical space is often ignored or under appreciated, despite the sheer number of possibilities it offers. This seemingly useless space can be used for storage, decoration and, of course, play time!

Provided you have the right safety features in place, installing a rock climbing wall is not too difficult. You can also buy beds with starter climbing walls pre-installed, which is a good choice for more cautious parents.

Childrens room

It is important to encourage creativity in your kids at a young age, but finding the right decorations to help with this can be difficult. Why not kill two birds with one stone by letting your child decorate their own room?

These colour-in wallpaper sheets are available in dozens of patterns and, like any wallpaper, can be replaced whenever you choose! It will give your child's room a unique look, and also gives you another way to get some use out of your vertical space!

Childrens room

Who can honestly say that they never wished their house had a slide growing up? 

You might be surprised to hear that indoor slides are becoming more common, albeit in trendy 'modern' homes. There is no denying the silly practicality of being able to zip from one part of your home to another, or the fact that installing a slide in your house would undoubtedly make you the coolest parent ever!


When designing any room, space will almost always be an issue. This has led to some truly creative space-saving hacks, but this designer has taken it a step further by giving their child a 'secret' bed!

The bed is sunk in a raised wooden platform, which allows it to be shut away to leave a larger area for playing. This is an ingenious way to turn one of the bulkiest pieces of furniture in a bedroom into a unique and fun feature.

Childrens room

Lego walls have been around for a while, not that the little brick toy's popularity has been waning. Designers, and upcyclers in particular, have come up with a huge number of fun and impressive Lego home improvement ideas; it goes to show just how versatile the toy can be!

'Team Nimuno', a division of the Chrome Cherry Design Studio, recently crowdfunded a product called 'Nimuno Loops', which can attach to almost any surface to create a base for toy blocks. With a product like this, customising a child's room is a snap. There is also the added bonus that you can just change the pieces attached to your loops whenever you feel like redecorating!

Childrens room