Fireplace Ideas

It’s quite amazing when you look at how popular fireplaces are these days. There was a time when they could be found in every room of a home, before the days of insulation or double glazing. Modern living has mostly made fireplaces a thing of the past, and yet many of us still choose to have them in our homes!

While they may not be strictly necessary anymore, there are still several advantages of having a fireplace. They provide ambiance and warmth for a room, creating a focal point that can easily become a key part of the decor. Furthermore, so many options exists for fireplaces in terms of sizes, shapes, materials and fuels that they can be installed in some form or another in almost any home.

When you want to create or restore a fireplace, the first person to speak to will be a local fireplace specialist. They will be able to judge what kind of fireplace your property can accommodate, including whether or not you will require flue lining or chimney repair services. They can also provide fireplace design expertise and talk you through your options so that you can choose the ideal fireplace for your property. One thing that you should always keep in mind is that not all properties will be suitable for certain fireplaces, or at least not without a chimney-sized price tag!

Before you start work on your fireplace, keep in mind that it should be able to fit in with the decor of your room. You may want to consider aesthetic features early on, such as a unique mantelpiece designed by a carpenter or stonemason. If necessary, a local interior designer or decorator can help you to reinvent the space.

Fireplace Ideas

Wood burning fireplace ideas

While they may not be the most energy efficient option, the gentle ambiance of a wood burning fireplace simply can’t be beaten. Wood burning stoves in particular have become popular in recent years, with more buyers eager to introduce that satisfying and crackling warmth into their homes.

A key part of wood burning fireplaces is their aesthetic appeal. They can provide a wonderfully cosy focal point that everyone can gather around and enjoy, helping to make a property feel more like an actual lived-in home.

  • Open hearth wood burning fireplace - When you think of traditional fireplaces, this is probably what comes to mind! These are authentic fireplaces, with an irreplaceable sound and smell. An unused or retired hearth can easily be brought up to standard to create a unique and potentially lucrative home addition. However, installing a completely new hearth, along with a chimney for it, can be a highly disruptive and expensive project. If you are determined to build an open hearth fireplace from scratch, you should take the time to speak to an estate agent about whether it will actually raise the value of your property.
  • Wood burning stoves - Not only are wood burning stoves all the rage right now, but they are also a far more realistic option for installation than traditional open hearth fireplaces. Although they still require proper ventilation, they can be freely inserted into a property without the need for an existing fireplace. Wood burning stoves look particularly at home in rustic and rural style properties.
  • Enclosed wood burning fireplace - Enclosed models are a more efficient option than open hearth fireplaces, as they push more heat into a room, while also reducing the amount lost up the chimney. Enclosed fireplaces are also usually installed with open fronts, allowing you to enjoy the ambiance of a fire for less.
  • Wood burning fireplace inserts - These inserts can be easily installed into an existing fireplace. They are also highly effective and fuel-efficient, making them particularly useful for improving more wasteful setups, such as open hearths.

Fireplace Ideas

Gas fireplace ideas

Gas burning fireplace options are more for cost-effectiveness than ambiance. Not only are they far easier to install, but they are also more clean burning and efficient than wood burning alternatives.

  • Direct Vented Gas Fireplaces - For homes that lack a fireplace or chimney, a direct-vented option could be the perfect choice! They only require a pipe for adequate ventilation, allowing them to be easily installed in almost any room in a property. 
  • Ventless gas fireplaces - With this option, there’s no need for a chimney or a vent! However, they will not provide much in the way of ambiance. They typically burn with blue flames, which will ruin any illusion of a wood-burning fire. Another drawback is that although they are mostly clean burning, certain models can release contaminants into a home. To avoid this, discuss your model in detail with your fireplace specialist.

Fireplace Ideas

Electric fireplace ideas

Electric models are easily the most cost effective option on this list. They are simple to install (not requiring a chimney), offer easily adjustable heat levels and can even be controlled via home automation. Electric fireplaces are also the most customisable option, with a variety of fire effects and colours that can be chosen by you!

  • Mantel electric fireplaces - This is a simple idea: an electric fireplace installed in a mantle to emulate the look of a traditional fireplace, without needing to fork out for a new chimney! If you want the look of an old-style fireplace without the expense, this could be the best option for you.
  • Media electric fireplaces - A number of media devices can play looping footage of a burning fireplace. While this sacrifices several of the features that make traditional fireplaces so attractive, including the actual heat being produced, it is one of the cheapest options you will find. A media fireplace installed in the right location will also draw the eye as easily as an open hearth.

Fireplace Ideas

Ethanol fireplace ideas

Clean burning, customisable and easy to install, ethanol burning fireplaces are suitable for any property and any budget! One disadvantage is that although they are highly efficient they also produce less heat than their alternatives. Still, with the savings involved, not just for installation but also for long term-usage, you could easily solve the lack of heat by installing new insulation or glazing.

  • Ethanol fireplace conversions - Ethanol-burning inserts are simple to install in an existing fireplace. Not only that, but models are available which emulate different styles, so you can choose an efficient option without ruining the aesthetics of your room. 
  • Wall mounted ethanol fireplaces - These large flat screen-shaped fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere, providing a dominating and interactive feature that would look right at home in a modern living room. Not only that, but unlike media fireplaces they also actually produce heat!