Garden Furniture Ideas

A garden can be as much a part of your home life as your living room. With the right choice of furniture, you can transform your garden into a perfect living area for relaxing, dining and entertaining guests. Garden furniture offers a great deal of variety and choice, making it possible to add comfort and character to your outdoor space regardless of whether you have a green thumb.

When considering garden room furniture it's important to think about how you want to use the space. Seating, dining tables, barbecues and other items can accommodate your needs and budget, provided you plan things out and choose carefully. Many who look for inspiration online quickly gain 'ideas' that they simply cannot afford or which will not fit their own garden. For help, you could speak to a furniture specialist or carpenter. They will be able to help you source items that will suit your own palette.

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Choosing Garden Furniture

When choosing garden furniture, try to think about the landscape and look of your garden in general. Your furniture should be complicated by its surroundings, in the same way as your furniture inside matches your decorations. Choosing matching materials and styles should not be too difficult: varieties of garden furniture come in wicker, metal, plastic, wood or as part of themes like 'period' and 'modern'. Take your time and look online for inspiration!

Start by thinking about the basics: a seating area, where you can relax on warm days or take in your new garden. It is simple to buy a matching seating and table set, many of which come with 'all weather fabric cushions' so you won't have to pull them inside whenever it rains. You may prefer a set of chairs that you can place at the end of your garden for some peace and quiet, or beside your vegetable patch for some well earned relaxation. If you like to enjoy the sun, you might want to invest in a set of loungers, or even a comfy and stylish daybed. Having somewhere to sit is all you need to entertain friends, and with a good quality table you could enjoy some dinner parties outside!

Speaking of dinner parties, one of the first pieces of furniture that comes to mind when thinking about gardens is the barbecue! Barbecues are great for entertaining, and can also make attractive focus points. They can come compact enough to fit a smaller garden, or you could even have a builder construct an attractive masonry barbecue for some real grilling! One way to really impress your dinner guests is with a barbecue table, with a grill in the centre for watching your steaks sizzle and sear.

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Another factor to think about is lighting. In an ideal world, we'd be able to sun ourselves outside all day, but the right lighting can make a garden a great evening destination. Some hanging lights over your table can make it feel warmer and more intimate, or you may want to try a patio heater. These can give you wonderfully cosy and warm evenings sitting on your patio, and are a great way to impress guests. A source of light and heat can also make an attractive focal point, just like a campfire. Would you consider a fire pit or bowl? How about an old fashioned and timelessly fashionable wood burning stove?

Storage can be surprisingly important in a garden, especially for active gardeners. Read our guide on Garden Shed Ideas for information on the most common form of garden storage, but there are others to consider too. A compost bin gives you a place for garden waste, and can also make your gardening much more successful.

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Luxury Garden Furniture Ideas

Furniture is one way to experience luxury in a garden, though it is better not to do too much to hide your garden's natural beauty. Artistic focal points like sculptures, screens and water features can easily blend into a garden's untouched, natural vibe. An example would be an attractive waterfall feature, or even a wooden sculpture you can hide amongst your trees. Of course, if you prefer bold colours, features like this can be a great chance to add some without having to look for the right plants.

A classic way of adding luxury to a garden is with a gazebo. This gives you a chance to choose furniture to create an intimate space to relax and talk with guests. You could go a step further by choosing one with a chimney, and adding a wood burning fireplace to enjoy on cold nights.