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Landscaping is a great way to reinvent your garden with a fresh look, just like you would redecorate and refurnish a room. Any garden, regardless of size or shape, can be made to fit its owners needs: a place to entertain friends, grow vegetables or simply relax with a book.

Careful planning is necessary for a successful garden landscaping project. You will need professionals that can help facilitate your vision, or help inspire you to decide on one. A landscape designer or garden designer can plan your project in detail and a good gardener can advise you on and help you source the best plants for your new garden.

Garden Landscaping Design Ideas

'Landscaping' your garden is, in a nut shell, reimagining your garden's landscape. This can mean shaping it, adding to it or completely reinventing it from scratch! A professional landscape designer's job is make the most out of any space, regardless of size or shape. Even smaller gardens can provide everything you need while also making a stunning addition to your property, not to mention a source of increased value.

There are a lot of pieces that can fit together in a landscaped garden: flower beds, trees, shrubs, steps, paths, sheds, ponds, fountains, etcetera. Looking online can wield great inspiration, but for the sake of efficient planning it is best to start small and simple. What do you want to use your garden for? Gardening? Entertaining? Think about what kind of space can accommodate these needs.

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How you will get around your garden should be a big part of its design. Think about where you can lay a pathway, and don't worry: these are a great chance to show some creativity. Lining the sides of a path with trees and shrubs can frame it, giving it a more regal appearance. Pathways can also be made from a huge variety of materials, so there's no reason for yours to be boring. If you are less of an actual gardener, a winding path of slabs or stepping stones can make an attractive aesthetic addition, if a less practical one.

A good way to shape your garden is to work at different gradients. As well as looking good, this can help you differentiate different areas, and make your garden's layout feel more like a structure. For example, you could have a raised level with a dining area for soaking up sun while you entertain friends, and then a lower area for your gardening work. You may want a raised flowerbed, so you can really enjoy your garden's beauty. One potential issue is that gradient work can affect a garden's drainage, so consult a professional garden designer on your plans before you start digging.

Luxury Garden Landscaping Ideas

Some of the most popular public attractions in the country are luxuriously landscaped royal gardens, though there is no reason to focus on a period look. You can make your garden luxurious with a stunning water feature, such as a fountain or pond, or even a modern metal sculpture. Another option is to invest in luxurious plant life: ornamental turf, exotic flowers or grand old trees. A well connected gardener or tree surgeon can help you source some impressive foliage for your final design.

A popular way to add luxury to a garden's landscape is by building a treehouse. These can become an important visual aspect of a garden's design, and can also provide comfortable living space. Read our guide on Garden Treehouse Ideas for more information.