Home Videography

In today’s property market, it is more important than ever to be able to make your home stand out from the crowd. Much of the industry now operates online, with even professional estate agents largely relying on great adverts and top quality visuals to attracts potential buyers.

If you really want to show your property at its best then a videography service is definitely worth considering. A professional photographer can provide excellent equipment, take top quality footage of your property and bring everything together with professional editing. Taking footage will also allow you to show off more of your property, instead of having to awkwardly fit as much as you can into one photo. A high quality video tour of your property can also let you advertise it to those who may not be able to come for a viewing in person.

Of course, when trying to market a property it should go without saying that it should be kept in good condition. Before booking your videography service, you should consider hiring a local cleaner to get your property looking spick and span. If you have a lot of clutter, a household waste removal service may also be worth considering. Remember, too much junk doesn’t just make a room seem messy: it can also make a room seem much smaller than it is, which can be a big put off during viewings!

What do I need to know about home videography?

When booking a professional videography service, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The first thing to get out of the way is this: no professional should rely on phones or tablets to take videos. While these have come a long way in recent years, professional-level equipment can still provide noticeably higher quality. Take the time to ask your candidates what kind of equipment they use (you may even want to look for online reviews for their chosen tools!) 

Secondly, always take the time to look through a Pro’s portfolio before hiring them. It can be quite easy for someone with decent equipment to claim they are a professional without having the proper training or experience, and if you take someone like this at their word then you are leaving yourself open to disappointment. By looking through a candidate’s portfolio, you can judge the quality of their work for yourself. You can even make things easy for yourself by judging the work of your different candidates side by side.

As as side note, try to keep a Pro’s costs in mind when looking at their work. If two Pros offer the same level of quality for different costs, it should not be too difficult to make your choice!

Finally, be sure to ask what services are included if you hire a certain candidate. You should never assume that two candidates will offer the same level of service without checking. For example:

  • Does a candidate provide professional editing services, or is there an extra charge for this? 
  • How long will they stay to take the video? How much will it cost for additional time?
  • What kind of format will they provide the finished video in?

How can I prepare my property for home videography?

When it comes to photography and videography, there’s an important phrase that you should keep in mind: editing can only do so much!

In other words, a professional videography service won't be able to make your property look good if it is in a poor state. If there is clutter lying around, the rooms have not been cleaned or if there are noticeable faults, all a videography service will do is advertise these flaws in HD!

To get your property looking spick and span, the first thing to do will be to look for any glaring faults and get them repaired. These could include broken furniture or even faulty decorating. A professional handyman should be able to fix any basic faults, provided they have the proper experience.

The second thing to do will be to look for any clutter that you have lying around and decide whether or not you need to keep it. If not, get rid of it with a professional household waste removal service! This is especially important for any broken or run down appliances, as a professional waste remover will know the proper and legal way to dispose of them.

Finally, have a local cleaner clean the property, with a special focus on the kitchen and bathroom. With everything else already out of the way, a cleaner can make your property look factory-fresh, which will make it much more appealing to potential buyers/ renters.