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When trying to sell or rent your property it is important to make a good impression. Little touches here and there can do wonders when it comes to making a home more desirable to interested eyes. After all, buyers and renters can often experience uncertainty when looking at new places - why not start things off by reassuring them?

Adding kerb appeal to your property is all about learning the importance of little details. You want to show that your home is well looked after by offering it at its best. A nice new door and a few plants could make the place seem brand new!

Here are some of the best ways to add kerb appeal to your property.

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Paint your door

When people see a tired old door, they naturally think ‘tired old building’. If your front door has seen better days, you could do yourself a big favour by giving it a fresh coat of paint. For added points, why not add a shiny new knocker as well?

Keep in mind that colour can have a big emotional impact, so consider your options carefully. You want the door to stand out for the right reasons after all.

Remember to choose the correct type of paint for your work. Outdoor-specific paint will be hard wearing and weather resistant, so hopefully you should not need to repaint your door again for several years. If you want the job done quickly and to a high quality, be sure to hire an experienced local painter.

Clear things up

It’s a simple fact that a messy front garden or entrance looks just plain lazy. It can also make a property seem more run down than it is (not to mention provide plenty of hiding spots for pests).

If your garden is messy or overgrown, have a local gardener clear it up for you. This does not mean paying for a Chelsea Flower Show winning garden - it simply needs to be neat and clear enough to be able to show off the space.

Install an outside light

Installing an outside security light offers several advantages. Not only is it a highly effective deterrent against burglars, it can also be an important safety element, especially if you have a long entryway.

Still, lights are not all about security. Adding cosmetic lights to your home can make it seem more warm and welcoming. They can also give you a chance to draw attention to the best features of your home, such as your garden.

Working with electricity outside can be dangerous, so make sure that your light installation work is handled by a local electrician.

Clean your windows

Dirty windows give a poor impression, not least because they obscure views of your lovely interior. If dirt and grime have built up, they can even make your glass seem low quality.

Luckily, cleaning windows is fairly easy. However, if you have any broken window panels or rotted frames it will be wise to have them replaced by a local glazier. 

For a nice finishing touch, and to ensure that you can still enjoy your privacy, remember to install some nice blinds or curtains too!

Add a canopy

Having a canopy above your door is a great way to keep off the rain and snow. It’s a feature which not many people consider, but definitely comes in handy at least once!

Canopies are a unique choice for the front of your home that can really impress buyers and renters. You have the option of buying a permanent fixture or one which can be switched out as necessary. Be sure to take your time and choose an option which suits the style of your property.

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Install an entrance gate

Entrance gates are an absolutely classic feature; one which can improve the look of a property while also providing extra security. 

There are plenty of potential styles for your new gate. If you are interested in an old school or rural feel, you cannot go wrong with good old fashioned wrought iron. You could also choose a more modern electric security gate, which would be a surefire way to impress any interested parties.

Set up potted plants

Adding a few potted plants can do wonders for a boring looking entryway. Providing a beautiful splash of colour, they can make a home seem welcoming while also helping to show off your garden (minus the hassle of having to grow your own plants from scratch).

The main advantage of potted plants is that they are relatively low-maintenance. Dying plants can be swapped out as required, as can your pots. You can update them every few weeks with minimal effort, though you may find yourself picking up a green thumb in the process! 

For an even easier time, ask a local gardener about plant varieties which naturally do well in your local climate. As they will be used to the local conditions, they should require even less maintenance on your part.

Deal with your neighbours

It is all well and good sorting out your own property, but if your neighbour’s front is in a bad state it can still reflect poorly on you. As such, if your neighbour’s yard is overgrown or covered with rubbish, it could be a good idea to politely ask them to do something about it.

An important thing to remember here is to always ask your neighbour’s permission before doing any maintenance or improvement work. Even if all you want to do is mow their lawn, be sure to ask your neighbour first to avoid potential arguments. Keep in mind that many homeowners have been taken to court in the past for making unwelcome alterations to neighbouring properties, such as removing trees.