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As we all know that with the New Year comes resolutions, one of the most popular being to lose weight and get fit. Indeed, it is a profitable time of year for gyms to say the least, as membership purchases surge!

An attractive and inviting home gym will make the idea of a workout much more appealing!

However, not all of us enjoy fighting for a shower cubicle, waiting in line for your favourite machine or even the drive home afterwards past that tempting fast food drive-through. 

Luckily, setting up a home gym is a lot simpler than you might think. As long as you have the space and know which equipment you will need, it should be no problem at all to build your own perfect home gym! 


If you’ve got a spare room going, be it an unused bedroom, empty garage or abandoned loft, then this space can easily be converted into your ideal home gym. The size of the room should be able to comfortably accommodate the equipment you’re looking to use. Exercise bikes, rowing machines and weights take up relatively little space whereas a treadmill, multi-gym or even a swimming pool will, unsurprisingly, need a bigger room.

If you’re lacking a spare room, but have the space in your garden, consider building an outdoor gym with the help of a local builder. This takes advantage of unused space and will add to the value of your property if finished in good taste, not to mention it will also separate your workout from the distractions of home. To keep the room light and bright, you can add glass panels and windows to the structure which lets in more light and gives you a view of the outdoors!

If you have space to spare outdoors, you could even install a pool to go with your gym! These can again add value if given a professional layout and can be a brilliant addition to have when hosting parties or barbeques. Installing a pool will require a more hefty investment, however, and would involve hiring a landscape designer or architectural designer

A  pool could also lower the value of your property, so it is useful to get a consultation over the design. Consider your budget and research the costs for a pool which would suit your garden before you make a commitment!

If space is more of a struggle and budget is no issue then you may want to consider an 'endless pool'. These are substantially smaller and produce a current for you to swim against, causing an endless lap. These can be fitted outdoors or indoors and are growing in popularity since they are so compact and innovative!


An attractive and inviting home gym will make the idea of a workout much more appealing! Even a fresh layer of paint on the walls, with the help of a painter, or some extra colour in the decor will add character to the room and make it feel less like an array of fitness equipment and more like a home gym. 

If your room is lacking natural light or is tight for space, use light colours on the walls and decor to give it a bright and spacious feel. Whereas if you’re looking for a more private, luxurious feel, you may prefer to look into darker tones for the walls and floor, although you should still try to introduce some lighter tones into the decorations. If in doubt, ask an interior designer for their opinion! 

Luxury Home Gym

If budget is no issue, then there is an array of premium fitness equipment you can invest in. Look into what you need as well as what will compliment the room. The obvious choices for a home gym include a treadmill, cross trainer and multi-gyms, although to run these, you need to ensure you have enough power sockets in the room. You may need to hire a local electrician to source some more power!

For those truly dedicated to fitness and whom are looking to spend more time in this room, you may also want to consider an attractive mini-fridge to hold energy drinks and bars. A large mounted TV in front of the equipment can also be handy, not to mention a surround sound system for when you need some motivation! Large Mirrored walls can also be useful for checking stances when stretching and to keep an eye on your progress…

Budget Gym

A pleasing home gym can still be achieved on a budget. First consider the entirety of your budget along with the essential equipment needed. Research your brands to find the best quality for a reasonable price and consider investing gradually to stretch the spending over time. 

Equipment which does not require electricity is usually cheaper, so if savings are tight look into weights, skipping ropes and even yoga mats!

Plentific’s Must-Haves for a Home Gym

  • Treadmill
  • Cross Trainer
  • Exercise Bike
  • Stairmaster
  • Rowing Machine
  • Endless Pool
  • Yoga Mat
  • TV
  • Stereo
  • Mini Fridge
  • Towel Rack