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Dream of having your very own space to get away from the world? We take a look at what really makes the perfect man cave; from location to decoration and equipment, read on for the top tips!

Stephen Jury, spokesperson for Plentific, said: ‘Owning a man cave is a secret, guilty-pleasure we all share. Whilst there is a common preconception of these rooms appearing messy and unpleasant, today’s man caves are much more sophisticated. They can even add value to a property if installed in good taste and finished to a high standard with the help of a trade professional. 

They can even add value to a property if installed in good taste and finished to a high standard with the help of a trade professional

Adding a man cave does not necessarily sacrifice a room in your property either; thanks to the nature of the man cave, installing it outdoors or in the loft adds to the escapism without taking your important space.’   

  • Inside or Out?

First and foremost, consider the purpose of the room. Are you looking to escape or to entertain? Would you prefer the room to be light and airy or dark and private? If escapism and privacy have influenced this room, then consider an outdoor location.

Converting a shed into a man cave is a simple process and allows you to be close to home whilst having some separation. Such a location also guarantees plenty of natural light as well as adding sophistication to your outdoors. 

To get electricity successfully running, you may need to hire a local electrician to extend from the mains of the house. This is a straightforward process and can be well-concealed with the help of a pro! Also make sure you receive a decent Wifi signal from the shed; you may need to buy an extender.   

  • Decor and Entertainment

In terms of decoration, again consider the purpose of the room as this dictates the style. For darker, sophisticated man caves, use deeper, classic colours such as navy and green. For brighter, more social man caves, use white/cream touches in the room and finish with a light, calm shade. 

This also creates a spacious effect which guests will appreciate. If in doubt, consult a local interior designer for peace of mind; as well as a second opinion, this promises a nice finish to the room.

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What should go in a man cave? There are, of course, the obvious essentials such as the 60 inch (at least) TV, the leather arm chair and the surround sound speakers. Every man cave will have unique contents to match the owner, however, ensure you have enough space to prevent overcrowding. 

Also, for faster completion, hire in a local handyman to help with the little jobs; this gets the room finished quickly and to a high standard, making it last.

  • Things to Consider   

Looking to spend some serious time in your new man cave? Don’t forget to install a fridge (particularly useful if your cave is outdoors to save trips!) as well as a sofa bed if you’re prepared to pull an all-nighter in there, or perhaps just for guests! 

Primarily, make sure all essential amenities are available to you; wifi, food, water, tv signal, light and comfort should all be considered.

  • Luxury Man Caves

If you’ve got monies to spend then don’t hold back! Customising your man cave can make all the difference, particularly if you plan to spend many evenings in there! 

Adding a touch of luxury not only makes the cave more appealing to you, but makes it more attractive to others as well, adding to the value of your property. This is an important investment for you and if you want the best finish possible, you should also consider hiring a trade professional to handle the workload.

Looking for ideas for a luxury man cave? Take a look at our top suggestions:

  • Big Screen
  • Comfy seating
  • Bar (complete with snacks)
  • Snooker or pool table
  • Surround sound system
  • Fridge
  • WiFi connection

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  • Budget Man Caves

Even if you’re tight for cash, you can still achieve your ideal man cave! Before you start, plan what you’re looking to buy along with your budget to ensure you don’t overspend. Also, consider how you can save; buy second-hand furniture from charity shops or online. 

If you’re not rushed for time, you could even extend the project length so you have time to save between purchases! Ultimately, make sure every penny counts and try not to spend unnecessarily!

Thinking about creating your ideal man cave? Plentific can find your local builder, handyman or interior designer for you!