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A new bathroom can be one of the most worthwhile investments you can make for your home. When it comes to advertising a property, there is little that you can do to make up for a bad bathroom; if the units are fitted poorly, the plumbing dodgy and the decor shabby, potential renters and buyers are almost guaranteed to look elsewhere. In contrast, a perfectly fitted suite will not only impress, but it could also add thousands to the value of your home.

Of course, when looking through new bathroom suites in a showroom it can be difficult to predict the costs of an actual fitting. As well as your new bathroom units, you also need to consider the costs of factors like decorating, tiling, adjustments to the utilities and disposing of old units. Without a decent general idea of the average costs of fitting a new bathroom, it can also be difficult to find a reliable Pro for a fair price.

An important point to consider early on is how much you can save by doing parts of the fitting yourself. Unless you have adequate experience, any savings you make will mean sacrificing quality, which will reduce any value that the bathroom fitting would have otherwise added to your property. Your best bet will be to hire a recommended local bathroom fitter for the work; not only will they be able to complete the bathroom fitting quicker than you, but they will also be able to provide a professional level of quality.

Depending on the skill set of your bathroom fitter, you may also need to bring in other trade professionals for the work. Any tiling work should be handled by a local tiler, while any changes to the bathroom’s utilities should be handled by a certified local plumber. If your bathroom fitting requires electrical work, you should have it done by a qualified electrician; remember, a bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house to find an electrical fault in!

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How can I estimate the cost of a bathroom fitting?

As with any other major home improvement job, ‘average costs’ for bathroom fittings will only tell you so much. One person’s bathroom fitting might involve replacing their entire suite and re-tiling the floors, while another may skip re-decorating altogether. The cost of hiring the right trade professionals can also vary widely depending on where you like in the UK, with prices in London and the south often being much higher than those elsewhere.

To give yourself a good idea of the costs of fitting a new bathroom, start by thinking about what it is that you want. Will your project involve replacing your current bathroom suite, including the toilet, bath tub and sink? Would you also want to decorate the room, and if so with what styles and materials? Would you want the project to include more luxurious elements, such as underfloor heating or a power shower? As you decide on individual elements, you will find that it becomes much easier to estimate your costs!

In addition to thinking about features for your new bathroom, you should also try to think of the new fitting as an opportunity to make other changes. For example, if your bathroom is particularly old, then you may want to consider replacing the electricals or upgrading to energy-saving LED bulbs. Similarly, you might not necessarily want to include decorating in your project, but if you have chipped tiles or fading paint then you may want to consider killing two birds with one stone; a specialist bathroom fitter may even be able to arrange a discount if you include additional jobs.

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How much does it cost to fit a bathroom?

As we said previously, the cost of a bathroom fitting project will depend on exactly what you want included in the job:

  • Installing a new pedestal basin - £70 - £120
  • Installing new taps - £50 - £80
  • Installing a toilet - £75 - £140
  • Installing a bathtub - £130 - £220
  • Installing underfloor heating - £350 - £850 
  • Installing an extractor fan - £150 - £240

You should take these as basic estimates. There are a number of budget and luxury options available, and many retailers offer free fittings as part of their service.  

Other costs will depend on the size of your bathroom and choice of materials. Jobs like tiling and decorating will usually be charged per square meter, with most of the costs coming from labour rather than materials. For example, a standard bathroom tiling job could cost anything between £350 to over £1,400. 

When it comes to elements like this, the best way to estimate your costs will be to schedule a site visit with some of your potential hires. After measuring your bathroom, they should be able to give you an accurate quote; just remember to get it in writing and do not be afraid of scheduling visits with other candidates. The more quotes you collect, the better your chance of finding a competitive quote for your job.

Again, while it is possible to save money by doing jobs like this yourself, you should remember that good quality work is often worth paying for, while obvious DIY jobs can end up costing you down the line.

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An option that many homeowners find easier is to hire a speciality bathroom fitting company and to simply have them handle everything. While this is a perfectly acceptable option, there are a few points which you should keep in mind should you choose to pursue it. Firstly, national-level specialist companies often charge much more than their local competitors due to higher overheads. You can usually find a much cheaper quote for the same job by speaking to local Pros. 

Secondly, you will need to make sure that absolutely everything you want is included in your quote. A tactic some fitters use is to offer a quote that leaves out aspects like flooring and then add them as additional expenses later on. To avoid this, always ask your Pro what their quote covers and tell them to come back later if they have left anything out.

In summary, you will not be able to estimate the cost of your bathroom fitting without researching your options and making a plan. You can search for bathroom ideas online, or you could pop down to a local showroom to see what is available in your price range. The more you know about exactly what you want for your fitting, the easier it will be for Pros to give you accurate quotes.