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Finding a tradesman

Finding a tradesman can take a lot of effort and legwork. People can be tempted to go with the first good looking option they see. Plentific can take time and stress out of your search with a number of services designed to help you find the right tradesman. The Plentific website hosts information on over 75,000 registered tradesmen across the UK, and can quickly generate a bespoke contact list for you showing the most relevant ones for you in your local area. Each of your options will have a Plentific profile, with information on their qualifications, past work and reviews from clientele. The Plentific Guarantee, which can cover your entire project, will also be available if you choose a verified tradesman.

The more detail you can give to a tradesman, the more approximate the quote and more appropriate the advice they will be able to give you.

How to select the right tradesman

The first thing you need to do before searching for a tradesman is get a solid idea of what your job requires. This can mean taking measurements of rooms, selecting materials beforehand, finding examples of what you would like your finished project to look like, and so on. The more detail you can give to a tradesman, the more approximate the quote and more appropriate the advice they will be able to give you. You should also have a solid budget in place so that a tradesman can discuss all the appropriate options within your price range.

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When looking for a tradesman it is important to get as many quotes as possible to compare. This will be your best assurance of getting a competitive price, and staying clear of tradesmen that overcharge. You should also ask for a price breakdown, showing the specific jobs that make up the overall price. Certain tradesmen may add VAT to your bill. Do not be worried about paying VAT for the sake of hiring a high quality tradesman, but you should make sure to ask for their VAT number and check that it is genuine. Rogue traders sometimes claim they need to charge VAT when they do not even qualify for it.

It is important to do appropriate background checks for your potential hires. Certain trades require degrees or other qualifications to practice legally. If you are unsure about the entry requirements for a trade, you can find the information for free on the National Careers Service website. Experience is also key: your final choice should have a few years of experience on the job at least, and past projects they can point out to you. Any professional tradesman should be able to readily provide this kind of information, in addition to reviews from their previous clientele. A well established tradesman may also be part of a national organisation, such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors or the National Federation of Builders. Membership in these organisation requires meeting high standards for professionalism and quality of work, so if your choice is registered with such an organisation it is a great sign.

Finally, different jobs require different levels of insurance coverage. As a minimum your choice should usually have Public Liability Insurance. For roles that involve assessing a property and giving specialist advice on maintaining it, such as an architect or structural engineer, your choice should also have Professional Indemnity Insurance in case they miss vital information which ends up costing you later on.

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