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Are you looking for a simple and cheap yet effective way to work out at home? You don’t need to start planning an incredible home gym just yet; instead, why not opt for your own pull up bar?

These are easy enough to install on your own, giving you an easy way to build up muscle without breaking the bank. Even better, they can be removed just as easily, so you can take it to your next property without leaving any mess or marks behind.

Having said that, if you are not used to installing your own home features, it can be worth leaving the work to a skilled local handyman.

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How do I install a pull up bar in the home?

The first step to installing your bar will be choosing a location! We say this with absolutely zero disrespect intended: your bar will need to be able to hold a certain amount of weight, so selecting a proper location is imperative. Doorways are popular, provided they have strong frames and are not located in corners. Most of the time a doorway will be 32 inches wide, but you will want to take your own measurements with a tape measure before choosing which model to buy.

Once you have your bar, take some time to look over the instructions. As helpful as we like to think we are at Plentific, we can only do so much; specific models may have instructions that don’t quite match what we offer here. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully if you want your installation to go off without a hitch.

Centre the pull up bar in the door frame and raise it until the hollow beam rests on top of the trim. The bar should run parallel to both the top of the frame and the floor (you can always use a spirit level if you want to check). The instructions may also recommend that you install a J-bracket to attach the bar to the frame, though this will unfortunately leave holes behind in your walls.

As time goes on, your bar may start to become slightly loose against the frame. Pay careful attention to this and always be sure to check the bar before using it. The last thing you want is to fall and hurt yourself, or worse: damage your door frame!