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A kitchen splashback is both pretty and practical, guarding your walls and hob from damage while also adding to your decor. Many interior designers will stress the importance of a well-chosen splashback, as these days they are a feature which more and more homebuyers will look out for.

That said, choosing a kitchen splashback option can be difficult, especially since many materials are simply too much of a hassle to be a viable option. Some websites claim marble can be a wonderful choice, but in fact it can stain and discolour extremely easy. That is not to say that you do not have a wide variety of options to choose from, however; you just need to know what you are in for!

Most of the time a kitchen splashback will be installed by a local tiler, though obviously this will depend on your choice of materials. A glass splashback, for example, may instead be installed by a kitchen fitter. Pay close attention to the requirements of each choice, as some will need to be fitted in a certain way, others will need more regular maintenance and others still could be fare more expensive to install and look after than their low price tag suggests.

To help you along, here are a few of our favourite ideas for new kitchen splashbacks!

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Ideas for kitchen splashbacks

  • Statement splashback - Much like a statement wall, a ‘statement splashback’ can quickly draw attention and make your room seem beautiful and unique. If you are particularly proud of your hob or sink, a statement splashback could also help it to stand out! There are a few ways to accomplish this, other than hiring a particularly artistic decorator, such as buying a graphic print, photo of roll of wallpaper. The splashback will need to be expertly sealed, but afterwards you should be able to clean the area with regular household products.
  • Coloured glass - A relatively modern option, installing a glass splashback can be a great way to introduce colour and light to your kitchen. Glass is not only tough and hard wearing, but it will also be easy to clean and take care of. You could even make it more impressive by adding illumination with a prefabricated LED frame.

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  • Wallpaper - While this might not be your first choice, please hear us out. Traditional wallpaper does not do well in kitchens because of the heat and moisture, but there are now several kitchen-friendly brands on the market that will do a much better job. Wallpaper is still a unique and eye-catching choice, especially with an intricate and colourful design. Be sure to seal it with glass, acrylic or lacquered coating if you want it to last, however.
  • Steel - There is a very good reason for why we often see stainless steel in professional kitchens: it is modern, hard wearing and extremely easy to clean! This makes it an excellent choice for splashbacks, especially in kitchens belonging to active homegrown chefs. It can even look luxurious with a brushed finish, or for something different you could try hammered copper.

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  • Experiment with shapes - Are you tired of the mainstream? Do you want something simple, but different? If so, ditch those square tiles and go for something more unique, like curved or triangular designs. These will keep the standard strengths of tiles, in that they will be hard-wearing and easy to clean, while making more of a visual impact. You could even experiment with bold or jarring colours, though if you do so then you may want to restrict the tiles to your splashback rather than using them throughout the kitchen.
  • Reflective splashback - Reflective surfaces can bounce light around a room, making it seem larger and more open. A reflective splashback can have quite a big impact, especially in a smaller kitchen, and can also grant the room a sense of luxury (provided you keep it clean of course). This is another option which can be combined with LED lighting to boost the impact.