With so many successful movies, video games and more lines of toys than you can shake a plastic stick at, Lego is quite literally gigantic. The popular toy line has been entertaining us since 1949, and in that time it has become a global phenomenon. When a toy line has quite literally been to outer space and back, you know it’s here to stay!

Of course, one of the sad things about Lego is having to grow out of it. However, in recent years a number of designers and architects have used the toy line in their work. Everything from an air powered car to a functioning toilet can be made of Lego these days: professional adults, like children, are sitting around and wondering what to build next!

With that in mind, we decided to showcase some of our favourite uses for Lego in home improvements. It might be a children's brand, but these versatile bricks can make a home bold, unique and full of colour.

Here are our top 5 uses for Lego in home improvements!


Making Lego models can be a fantastic way of planning out your home improvements, particularly extensions and new builds. Lego bricks are simple and versatile, which means that anyone can use them to bring their ideas to life.

With any home improvement project, proper planning and time management will always result in a more satisfying finished product. For the average person without access to 3D imaging technology, Lego offers a great low-tech way to plan out their next job!



While the tiny plastic chairs and blocky beds that come with an average Lego set might not look very comfy, the bricks themselves have been used by a number of designers to create life sized furniture for the average home. 

The table below is a great example for its simplicity. The design is not intricate, but it is structurally stable and makes a wonderfully unique and colourful addition to the room. 

Unfortunately, for a solid piece of furniture you will likely need to glue your bricks together, which means you won't be able to disassemble your living room set to build a spaceship if you get bored.



Something we have mentioned quite a few times is the importance of colourful accessories for creating character in a room. Small pieces can add a huge amount of character and form a key part of a room's decor. Because of this, and because of their ease of use, colourful Lego bricks make great materials for creating homemade accessories.

The cutlery holder in the picture below is incredibly simple in its design, but it does its job as an accessory perfectly: it fills the room with colour, it draws the eye and it looks fantastic. Better yet, anyone could make an accessory like this: all you need is a few spare bricks! Homeowners have used Lego to create the likes of bookends, board games, key holders, coasters, light shades and even wall art.



Lego decor, when done well, is guaranteed to impress. Lego art pieces have been featured in some of the world's finest museums, but a decorator with the right vision can easily transfer this success to the home.

An increasingly popular method, as pictured below, is to fill wall cracks with Lego bricks. It can make a colourful and modern addition to any building, inside or out. The Lego peeking out from inside the walls can add a sense of magic to even the most boring architecture.



This is the one that everyone was waiting for: life-sized Lego buildings! 

What kid didn't dream about living in a Lego house? It seems that TV host James May certainly did, since he went out of his way to build this 3.3m-brick dwelling, which even features fully functioning Lego plumbing!

The disadvantage is, naturally, that living in a house made of plastic bricks is not the most appealing concept in the world to adults. However, a Lego outbuilding, or even a playhouse, is far more plausible, and has been done a number of times. 

While you may struggle to find a builder to take the job, you could do almost anything to your property with enough Lego bricks!


Flexible creativity

One of best things about the Lego franchise is the creativity that it can inspire in kids and adults. This can lead to some impressive and unpredictable new ideas, like the recently released 'Nimuno Loops'.

This fantastic invention is a flexible building block tape that can let you attach Lego blocks to any surface, whether flat, curvy, sideways or even upside down!

The added flexibility offers some impressive potential for home improvement. Nimuno loops could be used to make a beautiful Lego wall for a child's room, 'build' impressive home accessories or spruce up boring furniture.