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The ‘modern’ style of home design has only continued to increase in popularity over the last few years. It is a perfect choice for anyone who prefers cool and crisp decor, emphasising simplicity and practicality over rooms cluttered with furniture and accessories.

Modern bathrooms employ the latest technology in terms of lighting, smart features and even luxury showers and baths. In terms of design and decor, modern bathrooms will often have limited colour palettes, plenty of storage and materials like steel, glass and metal.

On paper, designing a modern bathroom might sound easy. However, the only way to make a design seem crisp and effortless is to put some serious effort in. If you need help in designing a modern bathroom, it can be a good idea to book a consultation with an interior designer or local decorator. An experienced bathroom fitter who has worked on multiple ‘modern’ bathrooms should also be able to offer valuable advice when it comes to choosing features and materials.

Here are a few ideas of our favourite ideas for creating a modern bathroom!

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  • Continuous tiles - One of the best ways to create a seamless look in a modern bathroom is by using the same tiles throughout, including on the floor, walls and inside the shower enclosure. Even so, be careful about your choice of tile; mosaics look impressive but are expensive to install, while bigger tiles can make a bathroom seem larger and more open.
  • Wall mounted… EVERYTHING - Wall mounted features offer a crisp and clean look that is perfectly suited to modern bathrooms. This can include ‘floating’ shelving or cabinets, in addition to taps, vanity mirrors and even toilets and basins. While wall mounted features save space, they can also make it more difficult to do basic repair or maintenance work without the help of a qualified plumber.
  • Freestanding… EVERYTHING - Another popular trend for modern bathrooms is to have everything freestanding (that is, only attached to the floor). This can be a great look, provided that you give yourself enough storage to keep the place clutter free. Bath-lovers in particular enjoy freestanding models, so why not opt for one with luxurious features so you can really enjoy soaking yourself?
  • Mood lighting - Having the right lighting is crucial for creating a modern look for your bathroom. Blue lighting for example can create a cool ambiance - and you’d be surprised where you can put it! Many modern bathrooms have lighting above the shower, at foot level, around the vanity or even along the edge of the ceiling. Wall spotlights in particular take up little space and can go almost anywhere. That said, doing electrical work in a bathroom can be highly dangerous, so make sure that the lights are installed by a qualified local electrician. You should also keep in mind the importance of free and healthy natural light, so consider adding a mirror or skylight if necessary.

  • Combined furniture - Combining your bathroom furniture is practical, cost effective and pretty darned trendy! A single combined unit could incorporate a sink, vanity and toilet, though there are also even more inventive options out there. This can be a particularly excellent choice for smaller bathrooms.
  • Luxury showers - Enjoying a little luxury in your bathroom is never a bad thing, and you might as well start with one of the features that we all get the most use out of: the shower. Luxury showers costing as little as £500 can incorporate features like multiple jets, rainfall shower heads or even aromatherapy. You could even consider a steam shower or wet room.
  • Vinyl flooring - If you are designing a modern bathroom on a budget, vinyl flooring is the way to go. It is easier to install than tiles, with a wide enough variety that it can suit almost any style of decor. Vinyl can even offer a convincing imitation of more expensive materials like stone, ceramic or even wood.
  • Clever storage - As we said earlier, good storage is absolutely crucial for a modern bathroom. Too much clutter will make your bathroom seem claustrophobic and ill thought out. Luckily, there are plenty of clever ways to add more storage to a bathroom. You could choose floating shelves or cabinets, pull-out bath panels or even high storage (which, while not necessarily practical, can be the perfect place for accessories).