Building a sunroom is a simple and easy way to add affordable living space to your home while also giving you more of a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings.

'Sunroom' is not just another word for 'conservatory'. A 'conservatory' requires that 75% of its ceiling and 50% of its walls be made from a translucent material, like glass or clear plastic, which can make it difficult to enjoy them when it's cold outside. Sunrooms can be enjoyed all year round, and can also be utilised in different ways just like any other room in the house. A sunroom could be used for relaxing and taking in a garden, or easily serve as a dining area or as part of an open plan kitchen.

If you have the space to expand your house, but would rather have a room you can enjoy all year round, a sunroom might just be the option for you.


Sunroom Design Ideas

One of the key differences between a conservatory and a sunroom is the materials. While a sunroom can be made of as much glass or brick as the homeowner desires, conservatories are largely made up of translucent materials. This can make it difficult to enjoy a conservatory at any other time of year than summer, as they usually have little protection from the elements.

To make sure you can enjoy your sunroom all year round it is a good idea to speak to an architectural designer. Have a detailed design drawn up, showing your requirements in terms of space and utilities. This will make it much easier to get a quote for your sunroom when you contact a builder.

People who have sunrooms built often think about improving their view as a next step. Hiring a gardener to beautify your garden can help make sure you get as much enjoyment as possible from your sunroom.


Sunroom Decoration Ideas

A Sunroom is not just a place to sit and enjoy the garden; they are very much rooms for living in. A sunroom extension could serve as almost any household room, such as a lounge or dining area. Rather thank thinking of it as just being a sunroom, plan your decorations with a purpose for the room in mind.

You should be aware of the natural light offered by sunrooms; the clue is in the name. Because of this, it is a good idea to decorate the room with lighter, softer colours that will benefit from the sunshine. A gentle sky blue wall could blue the lines between inside and outside while you're enjoying a summer's day in your new sunroom.


Again, a sunroom is not a conservatory, so there is no need to restrict yourself to conservatory furniture (though wicker furniture does seem to be a popular choice). Again, think about what the room will be used for and plan accordingly. If you just want a room to relax an entertain guests, provide plenty of soft seating, a coffee table, and maybe some ottomans for storage.

There is no need to go too overboard with decoration, as most of this will come from the world outside your windows. Having said that, a few potted plants can help make a room seem lived in, and adding a few colourful pieces here and there can make a big statement, especially in a more lightly coloured room.