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Having a larger room is not always a good thing. It is not uncommon for people to need to divide rooms into more workable spaces, such as ‘living’ and ‘working’ areas in a lounge, preparation and eating areas in a kitchen-dining room or even separate sleeping areas in a bedroom. 

A popular solution to this problem is to book a partition wall construction service. An alternative that is becoming more widespread, however, is to install a more simple room divider. Not only can this be cheaper than building an entirely new wall, it can also provide a chance to boost the aesthetic appeal of the space with a quirky new feature. Better yet, room dividers are far more easy to move and change than a solid partition wall.

Before making any purchases, be sure to measure the width and height of the area where you will be installing your new divider. Knowing how much space you have to fill will make it much easier to track down potential choices (you may even want to create a basic scaled plan of your room).

A partition wall will usually be built by a local builder. If you do decide to go with a more artistic room divider, it can be a good idea to speak to a local interior designer or decorator about your options. Ideally, they will have a portfolio of past projects to refer you to, though you can also benefit from taking the time to look through potential ideas online.

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Room divider ideas

  • Standing shelves - A simple and practical solution, standing shelves can divide your room while also providing you with valuable storage space. Even a cursory online search will reveal just how much choice is out there for shelving: you could choose open backed shelves which can be accessed from either side, or even tiered shelves that will still provide you with a clear view of your entire room. You may even want to consider a bespoke furniture service from a local carpenter: they could construct a set of beautiful and unique floor-to-ceiling shelves for you to fill with books and colourful accessories.
  • Sliding doors - This is a quirky alternative to simply building a wall. Sliding doors can be installed with a simple sliding bar, allowing you to divide or open up the room whenever you wish. Popular materials for sliding doors include wood, metal and glass. Some homeowners even choose to attach several normal doors on hinges to create a foldaway screen.
  • Curtains - While it may seem odd to hang curtains away from your windows, if all you want is a simple screen to provide some privacy then curtains are a versatile and relatively cheap choice. They are particularly popular in bedrooms, allowing homeowners to create private dressing areas for themselves.

  • Fish tank - Cool, modern, stylish and definitely unique, a room-dividing fish tank will be an excellent conversation starter. That said, you will need to consider long term care costs before having your tank installed. If you want to have tropical fish, for example, it can be costly to provide enough electricity for the tank.
  • Furniture - Simply buying some new furniture can allow you to easily control the flow of your space. A sofa, desk or wine storage rack will divide your room without blocking your view, maintaining the sense of space that makes larger rooms so attractive. Better yet, the next time you fancy a change you can simply move your furniture around.
  • Glass wall - The advantage of dividing a room with a glass wall or screen is that it does the job of a partition wall without making the space seem claustrophobic. This can be a particularly good choice for office spaces, though glass blocks can look perfect in a house or flat.