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If you are putting your property on the market and want a way to really make it stand out, you cannot do much better than arranging an aerial photography service. The availability and growing popularity of remote controlled aerial drones has made it much cheaper to showcase your property from above, either with photographs or a fully edited video.

As with any kind of service, it is important to know what to look out for when hiring a Pro for aerial photography. It is illegal for just anyone to pilot an RC drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), let alone use one to take high quality images.

Still, there is no better way to show off your property in its entirety than from the air; taking the time to find a high quality photographer will be well worth the effort!

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How can aerial photography help me sell my home?

Good property photography is vital when attempting to sell or rent a property. Having high quality photos or videos will help you to hook potential customers, getting them interested in your property by showing it at its best.

Aerial photography holds several advantages over more traditional property photography. Most importantly, capturing your property from the air will allow customers to see it in its entirety, including the gardens and surrounding landscape. Getting this kind of perspective is simply not possible from the ground, where awkward angles can make it difficult to snap a top quality photo. 

There is also the advantage that aerial drones, while being far more widespread than they used to, are still seen as seriously impressive. Having aerial photographs or videos for your listing will instantly make your property stand out, making it easier for your estate agent to sell it effectively.

Another advantage of an aerial photography service is the added bonus of professional editing. A company that utilises professional image editing software is far more likely to deliver high quality photos for your property. Even if your property looks dull and drab, a professional photography service can showcase it at its best. If you decide to have a video made as part of your service, your Pro should also be able to offer helpful additions, from sound effects to eye-catching graphics.

What do I need to know about aerial photography?

When looking for any kind of tradesman, it is never a good idea to hire based on price alone. The same goes for property photographers. If you take your time and follow the proper steps, you are guaranteed to find your ideal candidate:

  • Check the candidate/company’s portfolio. This is especially important if they do their editing in-house. Looking through their past work, decide if it matches the level of quality that you are seeking for your own property
  • In order to operate a drone commercially, a candidate must have a PfCO certificate (Permission for Commercial Observations). These will firmly become the norm as of August 2017. Prior to this, the necessary certification was a PfAW (Permission for Aerial Work). Be sure to check that your candidate has the proper certification to do their job before you hire them

Naturally, a drone can only do so much, so you will need to make sure that your property and its surroundings are in a decent state before the day of your service!

If the surrounding area is overgrown, or if you have rubbish lying around, then potential customers will still be put off. If necessary, book a garden clearance or rubbish removal service to get your property looking pristine.

You should also take the opportunity to speak to your photographer about their internal property photography services. You may even be able to get a discount by hiring the same Pro to capture your property inside and out.