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The Union Jack is more than just a patriotic symbol. Over several centuries it has evolved as part of the national consciousness, forming a key part of many decorative styles and often showing up sported by celebrities.

A particular staple of ‘modern’ homes, despite the flag having existed in one form or another for over 400 years, the Union Jack has been adopted by a number of movements which have kept it cool, fresh and constantly in the public eye.

As a result of this almost saturated use of the image, introducing the Union Jack to your home is anything but difficult. These days you can find Union Jack themed furniture, wall art, accessories: if you can imagine it, there’s probably a version sporting the Queen’s colours.

While a lot of this is as tacky as you might expect, there are plenty of classier ways to add the the Union Jack to your home decor. The secret is to look for inspiration until you find the perfect idea, rather than shoehorning the image in wherever you can. The right choice will add genuine patriotic class to your home, just in time for the next royal wedding!

Here are some of our favourite ideas for adding the Union Jack to your home decor.

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Adding the Union Jack to your home decor

  • Pure white backdrop - White, open and airy rooms have been popular in ‘modern’ homes for a number of years, with one of the main advantages being that any colour you introduce will have much more of an impact. A mostly white room can be the perfect backdrop for a Union Jack accessory, such as a rug or wall hanging. The piece will quickly draw attention for providing a measured burst of colour, so be sure not to spoil the effect by going all out.
  • Use the colours, not the shape - One of the advantages of decorating with the Union Jack is just how recognisable that winning colour combination can be. If you already have a Union Jack on display, you could create a more substantial design scheme by using just the colours elsewhere, such as with an air force roundel or bold stripes. 

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  • Use the shape, not the colours - The Union Jack’s unique design is highly recognisable, even if the colours are completely incorrect! Look online and you will find all manner of cooky combinations, from green and black to white and bright pink. This can allow you to introduce the Union Jack with a unique twist, setting an alternative tone by having the well known symbol suit a completely different style.
  • Upcycling - This is all the rage nowadays: reinventing or revitalising tired old furniture and accessories with a new look or completely different use is a surefire way to add a unique touch to your home. With the Union Jack being such a well known symbol, why not utilise it in your upcycling project? You could create a work of art, or upgrade a bargain found in a second hand store. This can certainly be preferable to buying manufactured Union Jack furniture, as this can often be quite expensive.

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  • Antiques and second hand accessories - As we mentioned previously, the Union Jack has been around for a long time. Rather than buying new pieces for your home, why not look for something a little more classical? A second hand accessory or antique could do a much better job of adding character to your home and giving it a genuine lived-in feel: more ‘homegrown Brit’ than ‘faux mod superstar’. With luck you could find examples decades or even centuries old!