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Once in a while an internal wall can require maintenance. Imperfections like cracks and holes can appear over time and not only are these unseemly but they can also be off-putting to potential buyers and renters. In a case like this, the best way to restore the health of a wall and ensure that your decor is flawless will usually be to book a wall skimming service.

Wall skimming is a basic plastering job that adds a new layer to a wall, restoring its health and removing imperfections. While this kind of job can be attempted with DIY, the best assurance of a smooth and flat finish will be to hire an experienced local plasterer. Not only will they be able to do the work quicker, but they will also have a far more practiced hand. A handyman or decorator with the right experience may also be able to help. 

Luckily, wall skimming is a fairly standard job; as long as you know the size of your room, it should be easy to collect quotes from local plasterers. As always, be sure to read through the reviews left for your potential hires, instead of simply choosing your Pro based on cost. Wall skimming is a worthwhile long term investment, so it makes sense to take your time in finding the best Pro for the job!

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How much does wall skimming cost?

The cost of wall skimming is fairly easy to predict. Like any other internal wall plastering service, the cost will be based on the size of the room where the job takes place. Depending on this, a professional plasterer could charge anything between £200 and £450 for a room. That being said, if you have several rooms that require wall skimming, you should be able to organise a discount. 

Looking online, you will probably find several ‘how to’ guides on wall skimming which claim it is an easy DIY job. While skimming is not a specialist task, doing it to a high standard requires practice and experience. If you choose to take on the work yourself, you could end up with uneven walls which look just as unseemly as they would have done otherwise. Keep in mind that wall skimming will usually give a wall a healthy appearance for years to come; in other words, hiring a professional for the job will be a worthwhile long term investment.