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Unless you are living in a very small house or apartment, it is usually advisable that you hire a removal company when moving home. Professional ‘movers’ are better and faster packers, with a good knowledge of how to store and transport heavy or delicate items safely. A professional remover will also usually be able to offer insurance to protect your valued possessions.

Remember that moving house is often a stressful process taking months of planning, and on the day itself you may have to worry about children running around. Also, consider how long it will take you to load and unload your items so that you can live in your new property comfortably. A removal company can feel like a god send here. Many will offer to move your belongings before the day of your move and fill your new house in advance, ready for you to move in.

You may well be tempted to go with a man & van option for the price, but there are a lot of potential problems here. Firstly, a white van man that needs additional help for a job will usually hire untrained labourers who will not be able to show the necessary care and respect for your belongings. A ‘white van’ could also be unsuitable for transporting your items, but this can be hard to tell if you are inexperienced. Treating the job as casual labour also robs you of the security you get with a signed contract. When it comes to whether your white van man will turn up, accept the agreed payment amount or abscond with your valuables, you will be leaving your fate to chance.

How much does it cost to hire a removal company?

The cost of hiring a removal company will be calculated based on the amount of furniture being moved, the distance of the mood and the size of the required crew. Because of this it is better to deal with firms that will give you a bespoke quote rather than an estimate over the phone. A good professional will come to assess your property before offering a cost estimate.

You should keep in mind that certain factors can increase the cost, such as if the trip is so long that you need to pay for accommodation for your moving crew. Items like pianos can also require specialist knowledge to move and transport safely. You may also want to shell out to insure your property’s contents, although a moving company may offer its own insurance guarantee for your goods. Keep in mind that prices can vary greatly across the UK, and that, due to overheads, larger companies will often charge more. As long as you trust a company’s qualifications and capabilities you should not be worried about its size.

Finding a removal company

When looking for a removal company it is important that you look over the qualifications and experience of each of your options. A company using unskilled labourers will not be able to provide you with as much expertise and care. It is also a good idea to check that a company is experienced with jobs of your size and scope. Ask about how they would handle your job, in terms of how many days it would take, the crew size they would use, and so on. A company that is a member of a national tradesman's’ organisation such as the British Association of Removers will have consistently met high standards for professionalism and service, so look out for this. Before making your final decision, remember to check that your choice has active Public Liability Insurance, as well as a guarantee for their work.

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