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Do you need a local buying agent? Simply post a job with Plentific and buying agents near you will get in touch to offer free quotes for you to compare. Whether you need buying advice or help with a property search, Plentific's Pros can get your job done!

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Latest Buying Agent Reviews

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20 Apr 2019
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5 Apr 2019
Millennium Interior Designers (Full Property Renovation Design & Build Developers)
20 Nov 2016
Very freindly to deal with and very professional , I had my flooring done and the finishing is top class, Thank you
Discover Property
18 Mar 2016
Thanks for the work that went into this. Highly recommended.

Finding a buying agent

If you are looking for a buying agent, Plentific can save you time by providing you with a list of the best in your local area, in addition to giving you access to reviews and customer feedback for each of your options. Each and every job booked via Plentific will also be covered by the Plentific Guarantee.

A buying agent will be doing a lot of leg work for you when looking for a house, so it is crucial that you trust their expertise. They will be finding properties, coordinating with tradespeople and negotiating prices, depending on your individual needs.

What do you need to know about finding a buying agent?

Finding a buying agent with the right skills, experience and connections is key. A buying agent with a knowledge of their local market can use their connections to find off-market properties, and their awareness of the area can be crucial when negotiating prices or hiring local tradespeople.

Be aware that when you hire a buying agent you are giving them a lot of independence to act on your behalf, so have as many details about what you are looking for as possible. Be prepared to meet with your buying agent and communicate with them regularly, and be sure that both of you have a firm grasp on what you are willing to spend.

When examining your choices be sure to check their qualifications. Buying agents will usually have a bachelors or masters degree, as well as several years of experience in the property sector. For more specialised property searches they may also have additional qualifications. As always, be sure to check customer reviews and referrals. You will want someone who you are comfortable working with and who can get results. Buying agents should be able to point to several clients they have successfully helped in the past. Be wary with freelancers. If they do not have a great deal of experience behind them, it may be that they are having trouble getting hired by a firm.

What does a buying agent do?

A buying agent is effectively a middle-man between you and your next property. Based on your requirements they will source and inspect properties for you, making sure the choices they offer are tailor fitted to suit your needs. They can also negotiate with landlords or selling agents on your behalf, coordinate necessary work with tradespeople and help move the legal process along.

Typically someone will hire a buying agent if they are looking for a home worth, at least, several hundreds of thousands of pounds, if they do not have time to look for a home themselves, or if they are planning a major relocation of their home or business.

How much does it cost to hire a buying agent?

The price you pay for a buying agent will vary. You will usually be charged a fixed fee, or a percentage of the final property’s buying price. You may also be charged an additional fee if they manage to arrange a discount for you. Certain agencies may also charge a registration fee. Make sure that everything is specified before you sign with anyone, and find a payment option to suit your individual needs.

A buying agent’s services used to only be affordable for the very wealthy. Nowadays, you may be able to hire one for as low as £3,000, in addition to other potential fees. The larger the property and the more money you want to spend, the higher the cost will be.

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