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Hiring a tradesman to replace a ceiling

Issues with a ceiling can often be scarier than they appear. Cracks or damp patches may suggest potential issues with your property, but they can also be repaired fairly cheaply. Sometimes, however, damage to a ceiling can be so severe that it needs to be replaced. This could happen as a result of a burst water pipe, excessive weight on the floor above or a number of other problems. No decent tradesman will claim the ability to assess your ceiling’s condition over the phone, but a free assessment should be enough for a potential hire to give you an approximate quote for your job.

It is important that you are able to trust your tradesmen, but finding a trustworthy hire can be a difficult task. Plentific can cut down on your search time with a number of features that make finding tradesmen easy. The Plentific website can quickly generate a bespoke contact list of tradesmen in your area that can provide the skills you need, and each will have their own Plentific profile where you can view their qualifications and customer reviews. Managing your jobs and messages is simple from the Plentific dashboard, while the Plentific wallet makes booking and paying your tradesmen simple and safe. Best of all, each and every job booked via Plentific is covered by the Plentific Guarantee. Wherever you are in the UK, Plentific is here to help you get your job done!

What do you need to know about ceiling replacement?

The first thing you need to know about ceiling replacement is that it may not be necessary at all. It all depends on the extent of the damage: parts of a ceiling can be replaced, and issues like damp and cracks can be fixed fairly simply. Usually a professional plasterer will want to inspect your ceiling before offering a quote. If there is a cheaper and easier method than replacing the entire ceiling then they should let you know. As long as you collect several quotes, you should have no problem finding a tradesman that can help. Having said that, do not go for a cheap temporary fix if the problem is serious, or you will just end up paying more down the line.

Taking down an old ceiling creates a huge amount of mess and dust. If you are planning to remove a ceiling, make sure the room below is sealed against dust and move as many of your belongings out of the room as you can. Once the job is finished you will also need someone to remove the bags of waste. You and your plasterer should discuss this part of the job beforehand, as they will likely have a service for removing it. Still, this is something you will have to pay extra for, so compare their rates with those of some local handymen and waste removers. If you have enough friends or family members, you may even want to remove the waste yourself.

Replacing a ceiling also requires replacing the utilities stored within. If any ceiling lights or other equipment needs to come down too, you will need to organise an electrician to replace them. If the ceiling is below a loft, you will also need to collect and replace any insulation you have up there.

If your home was built before the 2000s, you will want to get your ceiling checked for asbestos if you are planning to have work done on it. Asbestos was a popular insulation material until a few decades ago, and any issues with your ceiling may well have knocked fibres loose. If this is the case, you must have it professionally removed for the sake of your health and that of your tradesmen.

How much does ceiling replacement cost?

The cost of replacing a ceiling will depend on the amount of work involved. You should never accept a quote given to you over the phone, as there will likely be hidden fees. Most businesses will want to assess the issue themselves before delivering a quote. Depending on their decision, you may not need to bring the ceiling down at all. Re-plastering a ceiling can cost between around £160 and £300, though obviously larger rooms will cost more. If the ceiling does need to come down, you could expect a replacement to cost between £400 and £600. Again, these are strictly estimates: you should never accept a quote to replace a ceiling from a tradesman that has not seen the issue themselves. You will also need to be aware of added costs, such as hiring an electrician to refit your lights or a painter to redecorate the room.

When hiring a tradesman it is crucial that you do the appropriate checks. An experienced and skilled plasterer is who you want for a job like this, so make sure that they have an appropriate background. While plasterers do not require qualifications for their work, a professional plasterer should have several years of experience, and may have completed an industry or college course. Any decent plasterer should also have a collection of positive reviews from previous customers. They may also belong to a national tradesman’s’ organisation, such as the Federation of Master Builders. These groups enforce high standards which members are obligated to follow, so membership is a great sign of quality. Given the importance of the work, you should also make sure that your chosen tradesman can offer either a guarantee or warranty for their work, and that they have active public liability insurance.

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