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Hiring a tradesman for conservatory installation or repair

A conservatory can add around 10% to the value of your home; a sound investment, if done correctly. Plentific can generate a list of the best tradesmen in your local area that offer conservatory installation or repair as services, while also giving you quick access to customer reviews to help you pick out the best tradesman for your project. Best of all, each and every job booked via Plentific is covered by the Plentific Guarantee.

What do you need to know about conservatory installation or repair?

If you are planning to have a conservatory installed on your property there are a lot of elements to consider. Firstly you should have a clear and strict budget in place. Certain materials and designs will cost a lot more. Your budget will also determine what kind of tradesmen you can hire. You may want to hire builders, electricians and others yourself, or you may want a conservatory specialist to cover the entire project for you. Secondly, you will need to assess the site where the conservatory will be. Getting a professional to assess the job can often be free of charge, and will highlight any issues such as uneven ground or drainage problems. Finally, consider the long term cost of your conservatory. Certain materials may be more expensive, but in the long run could save you money on aspects like heating or general maintenance.

Having a conservatory installed is generally less complicated than getting an extension. You do not need to hire an architect, unless your project is particularly adventurous, and can hire a conservatory specialist instead. They will be experienced enough to advise you on your designs, organise the hiring of tradesmen and help you apply for the appropriate planning permissions. After the job has been assessed, a technical surveyor will turn your idea into a solid plan. Planning a conservatory installation can take longer than the building work - after sending in a plan for approval, the reply could take up to five weeks. It is possible that you can save money by doing all of this yourself, but this will leave you without expertise. If you are organising the job yourself you will need to be sure of the materials you order, and you may miss issues and hazards that will end up costing you more. A safer way to save money is to scale back your designs. A specialist can help you do this without leaving you with an unsatisfactory finished project.

There are a lot of different specialties involved in installing or repairing a conservatory, so you must be sure your tradesmen are qualified for each job. They may have passed an apprenticeship or a college or industry course. A good sign of their expertise is whether or not they are part of a tradesmen’s organisation associated with their specialisation - such groups typically enforce high standards and codes of conduct for their members. Particularly for installations, be sure to ask for customer feedback from previous jobs, as well as pictures if they are available. A conservatory is a significant investment, and you do not want to end up with an inferior project as a result of hiring the wrong people.

Before making your final decision you should check to make sure your choices are adequately covered for accidental damage and liabilities. They should also have a policy in place for if you are unsatisfied with their finished work. If their repairs are faulty or they leave your conservatory with structural defects, you will want to be sure that they will return to correct their mistakes.

How much does conservatory installation or repair cost?

There are a few average starting points for the cost of conservatory installation. It depends on the kind of conservatory you want. A wooden lean-to conservatory could cost around £3000 depending on additional features and design elements. Similarly, a Victorian style conservatory may start at around £4000, while L, T or P shaped conservatories will cost more than this. Buying conservatories from nationwide companies such as Wickes will leave you with free plans and inspiration to work from. The real cost will be determined by the size of the conservatory you want as well as the materials involved. For example, you can pay extra for elements such as double glazed windows and heated flooring.

Depending on how you want to manage your project there are ways to save money. Ask for a price breakdown when given a quote, as this should list the necessary jobs which will help you see if there are any you can do yourself. There are a few cheap options you can go for when planning your conservatory, such as having sliding doors instead of French doors. Remember that there are certain areas you should never scrimp on, such as installing floor installation. Also be aware that certain cheaper alternatives have extremely obvious drawbacks. For example, polycarbonate roofs are cheaper than glass, but do not insulate structures or block noise nearly as well. It is much more sensible to save money on aesthetic elements. Installing a conservatory can also be cheaper depending on the time of year. Summer is a time when conservatory specialists are in higher demand, and as such you may be charged more.

You will be offered a fixed or hourly rate as part of your quote. Getting a fixed quote can be safer, though you may be asked to pay a deposit up front. If this is the case, do not be pressured into paying too much initially, and be prepared to withhold payment if the work done is unsatisfactory. Get multiple quotes to step back and compare, looking over breakdowns and customer reviews to make sure you are getting the best value for money from a tradesman you can trust.

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