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Finding a great local tradesman can be a difficult task, but there are plenty of benefits. Local know-how can be a huge help when it comes to sourcing materials and dealing with local authorities. Plus, smaller premiums usually let local tradesmen offer better prices than their national competitors!

A top notch tradesmen will be reliable, highly recommended and, crucially, reasonable with their prices. Still, finding yours can take some careful screening and you could find yourself having to collect several quotes to make sure that you get a competitive price.

With, you can find your ideal local tradesmen in no time at all. Once you post a job with Plentific, some of the best tradesmen near you will get in touch to offer quotes. You can take all the time you need to discuss your project and negotiate prices without being pressured to hire. By hiring a ‘Verified’ tradesmen, you can qualify for the ‘Plentific Guarantee’, which will fully protect your project from start to finish.

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