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How to Find a Bricklayer / Stonemason

Finding a bricklayer

Finding a talented bricklayer at the right price can be a chore. Plentific offers a service that can generate a list of the best bricklayers in your local area, and even gives you access to reviews from their previous customers. By hiring a verified Pro you will also gain coverage from the Plentific Guarantee, which can protect your project from start to finish. With over 75,000 registered tradesmen from across the UK, Plentific can find your ideal Pro quickly and efficiently, whatever your job might require.

It is important to have confidence not only in the person you hire, but that the price they offer is reasonable and competitive. Know about your project, discuss it in detail with your choice and compare the prices you are are offered to ensure you get the best deal possible.

What do you need to know about finding a bricklayer?

Make sure you know as many details about it as you can about your project, including measurements. Knowing the size of the project, and discussing this with your potential choices, will help determine the overall cost and can also help you save time and money. It can also help you decide whether each choice has experience suited to your specific needs

When hiring a bricklayer the most important thing by far is experience. Qualifications are not necessary for someone to begin training as a bricklayer, so if this is the case be sure that they have several on-site years and projects under their belt. Some bricklayers may have completed apprenticeships or may have vocational or industrial qualifications. These can provide evidence that they have been trained in safety procedures, decorative brickwork, organising and setting out work areas or other services that will set them apart for larger or more complex jobs. Be sure that any bricklayers you hire can produce a CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). This proves that they have passed a CITB Health, Safety and Environment test, and are usually required before they can be hired to work on a building site.

Once you have discussed the job the bricklayer should be able to give you a fixed or hourly rate. If they need to bring in more tradespeople or equipment, make sure to ask whether this will incur an extra cost for you.

Before signing anything, be sure to ask your choice about their guarantees and insurance policies, particularly regarding accidental damage. Be aware of whether or not they will fix or pay for any damage they do, as well as their policy for if you are unsatisfied with the end result of their work.

An experienced professional will be able to provide all of this information. If one of your potential choices does not, they are one to disregard.

What does a bricklayer do?

A bricklayer is a tradesperson who builds and repairs walls, chimney stacks, tunnel linings and decorative stonework. Some also specialise in refurbishing brickwork and masonry on restoration projects. Depending on your project, you may require bricklayers qualified to work on more complex designs, so be sure to check their past projects before making your selection.

How much does it cost to hire a bricklayer?

The cost of hiring a bricklayer depends on the size and requirements of the job. If a job requires specialised skills or building materials or, encounters unforeseen complications the price will be higher. Typically bricklayers may charge a rate of around £100 a day. Again, be sure to know as much about the job as possible so that you can discuss it in detail with your choices and compare the quotes they offer.

Find a stonemason

Finding a stonemason for the right price with the right skills is a lot easier than it used to be. Plentific has a database of skilled tradespeople which you can use to quickly generate a list of the best stonemasons in your local area, along with client reviews to help you compare your options.

Stonemasonry work varies from construction, to decorative to restoration work, so make sure that you can talk about your project in depth to ensure you hire the right candidate.

What do you need to know about hiring a stonemason?

When selecting a stonemason, make sure they have experience specifically suited to the task at hand. Stonemasons can have very specific expertise, so discuss their previous work when you bring up your own project. They may be able to offer you advice on other work that needs doing, or even point out areas where you could save money.

If you are working with other tradespeople or an architect it is likely that they will have a stonemason they can recommend to you. Regardless, be sure to research your potential choices. Look at their websites and ask them to provide customer feedback. A stonemason may have completed an apprenticeship or gained a vocational or industrial qualification, so ask for proof of these if possible. Also be sure to check if your choice has a CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme), as this will provide proof that they have passed a CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test, as well as proof of their skills. If you require restoration work on an older building, you may also want to ask your choice if they have a Diploma in Heritage Skills. They can also usually provide information about any professional organisations that your choices are a part of; this is good proof of their skills and workmanship, as such organisations will usually enforce strict standards and codes of conduct.

When discussing the job, the stonemason should specify whether you will be paying an hourly or flat rate, and when they expect to be paid. If they need to bring in other labourers, check their qualifications too and whether this will incur extra costs. The same goes for if they need to bring in additional parts or equipment.

Before signing anything, be sure to ask your choice about their guarantees and insurance policies, particularly regarding accidental damage. Be aware of whether or not they will fix or pay for any damage they do, as well as their policy for if you are unsatisfied with the end result of their work.

An experienced professional will have policies in place for such eventualities. If one of your potential choices does not, they are one to disregard.

What does a stonemason do?

A stonemason is a tradesperson who specialises in carving, fitting, laying and repairing stonework on construction projects. There is a distinction between ‘banker’ and ‘fixer’ masons. Banker masons follow instructions to carve and shape stone, and give it a polished or textured finish. Fixer masons build stone walls or fit cladding, utilising mortar and specialised fixings. They may also be brought in to repair damaged stonework. You will require a stonemason for your project if you need construction or repair work done on buildings, monuments, statues or headstones, or on fixings such as window frames and archways.

How much does it cost to hire a stonemason?

The cost of hiring a stonemason is dependent on the size and nature of the job at hand. Whether you require construction or decorative work, the type of stone you want for the job, acquiring materials and the length of the project or potential complications can all mean a higher price. Typically a stonemason can charge around £10-£18 an hour, depending on the nature of the work. You can specify with your choices whether they usually work on an hourly rate or for a fixed sum. Be sure that all potential costs are laid out before signing anything to avoid any hidden or unexpected fees, and above all be sure to compare different quotes to get the best option for you.

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A simple Brick wall 12ft long x 8 ft high to be built along side a jutting out bedroom of bungalow to support timber roof across the top between wall and the bedroom, to become the garage at side of bungalow. Already have a 7ft wide garage up and over door. Just need a basic job the wall built only, as low on funds, could build it ourselves with breeze-blocks but wondered what a builder would charge if I get the materials from local discount builders merchant.

Emily M.

Bricking up a foot and 2 small windows and removing a small intake over the four and bricking up a cat flap

Pedro in KT3

single garden wall as per images, just needs repairing ideally without touching the rest of the standing wall. possibly re-use of current bricks.?

Latest Bricklayer / Stonemason Reviews

by Amir M.
Refurbished my entire property last month, Evolve were efficient, cost effective and i even had my own designated project manager who dealt with everything from start to finish. My job requires frequent travel abroad and we had no problems communicating with the project manager whilst the works took place and i was away for an extended period. Nadeem would call on skype and update me on how the project was progressing. very happy with them.
by Vincent
Graham and his men have done a few jobs for me and they have always been excellent. They arrive on time and carry out the work quickly and without any fuss. Graham always has a solution to get round any problems he may encounter on site and they always clean up afterwards!
by Pearl S.
The job was done fast and well. Rubbish taken away and the place left clean
by Bill S.
Very pleased with the work done for me. Very professional, very clean and tidy.