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How to Find a Flooring Specialist

Finding a flooring specialist

Have you ever been wowed by a beautiful wooden hardwood floor? Or looked at kitchen laminate and been impressed with the quality of fit? A flooring specialist is the professional who puts down floor coverings to ensure a standard it’s very unlikely you’d achieve alone.

Floor specialist may include tile laying experts and carpet fitters too – any professional who has expertise in laying flooring in either a domestic or commercial setting.

How to hire a Floor Specialist?

Hiring someone to lay your floor needn’t be a stress. We’ve put together a list of steps to ensure you hire a floor specialist you can trust:

  1. Choose the type of floor specialist you need – before getting a quote from a potential floor specialist, you’ll need to make sure they provide the floor service you are looking for. Not all flooring installers carry out the same work, for example some will specialise in wooden flooring and never deal with carpeting.
  2. Check their Plentific profile – take a look at the profiles of local floor specialist on Plentific and keep an eye out for those who have been certified with a ‘Verified by Plentific’ badge. This means we have checked their qualifications, references, and Companies House details; which should give you added reassurance that they are reputable. Some tradesmen also have reviews available from previous clients.
  3. Check trade associations – having a membership with a professional trade association does not guarantee a certain level of service, but it does help to demonstrate a floor specialist takes their work seriously. Look out for members of:
    • Contract Flooring Association (CFA)
    • The Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA)
    • Wood Flooring Association (BwfA)
    • The Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors (ACIFC)
  4. Get a number of quotes – the price of your project will vary depending on who you get a quote from, so it’s wise to make sure you get several different quotes from flooring specialists who are suited to your needs. We recommend that you get at least three separate quotes which can be directly compared. Make sure any quotes include any materials you may require, or other hidden costs like waste disposal.
  5. Ask to see previous/current work – if you need further confidence in a floor specialist, don’t be afraid to ask to see examples of previous installations or current projects they are working on.

What services do Floor Specialists provide?

The services of floor specialists can vary, depending on the specialism of the individual. A domestic floor layer will typically work with carpet, vinyl tiles, laminate, and hardwood floorboards.

A commercial floor specialist may carry out larger floor projects and need to be experienced in welded sheet flooring and safety flooring.

The services you can expect from a floor specialist include:

  • Measurement of floor space and accurate estimation of materials needed
  • Recommendations on how to best use materials in a space
  • Preparation of your floor, including removal of furniture and doors
  • Removal of old flooring
  • Laying of carpet, vinyl, laminate, and wooden floor boards
  • Repair, refinish and staining of wooden floors
  • Waxing floors to give a protective coating
  • Preparing commercial subfloor with smoothing compounds
  • Installing fast-track flooring systems
  • What are the costs of hiring a Floor Specialist?

    The costs of hiring a floor specialist vary from professional to professional, and also depend largely on the scale of the project and the materials you wish to use. Keep in mind that the quote of a floor specialist doesn’t necessarily reflect the expertise and standard of service you will receive. This is a profession where it is easy to rack up expenses to impress clients.

    We recommend getting a number of quotes (at least three) before going with a certain tradesman. This allows you to compare prices and gives a negotiation point if you have a favourite in mind but their rates are too high. Make sure any quotes you receive are comparable.

    If you really can’t afford a given quote, don’t be afraid to ask about the other options and what else is possible to create the same effect – such as using a cheaper flooring material.

    All quality floor specialists will be happy to provide clear written quotes with a full breakdown, along with exact payment terms required. If they can’t, this is a sign to look for another provider.

    What questions should I ask a Floor Specialist?

    Hiring a flooring specialist for the first time can be a foreign process. Here are the 10 questions we recommend asking to ensure you know everything you need to know about this type of business:

  • What is your specialist area when it comes to flooring?
  • Have you carried out similar projects before?
  • Can I see photos of completed projects?
  • Are you insured?
  • What does this quote include?
  • How long will the project take?
  • Do you foresee any complications or delays?
  • Will my floor need any prior preparation?
  • Do you deal with any waste from the job?
  • What are your qualifications?
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