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How to Find a Heating / Boiler Engineer

Finding a heating or boiler engineer

Use Plentific to help you find and compare the best heating or boiler engineers in your area. Heating and boiler engineers are hired to install, maintain, replace and service the heating system within your home or business premises. Often, homes that require renovating have outdated central heating systems that will need removing and replacing rather than simply being repaired.

You will need to find a properly qualified heating engineer to install your new system and your choice should depend on the type of boiler you are having fitted.

What do you need to think about when finding a heating or boiler engineer?

Your local heating or boiler engineer will need to be a certified. You must make sure that your engineer is registered as a Gas Safe Engineer. Check that they not only come with word-of-mouth recommendations but also the appropriate paperwork so that you can confirm their background.

If your local gas engineer is registered, he will have a Gas Safe Register ID card which allows him to install, maintain and repair your central heating system. The Gas Safe team ensure that all of its members are qualified and they carry out nationwide investigations and inspections as well as educating the consumers by raising awareness of gas safety.

As well as this, ask for proof of membership with the CIPHE. CIPHE is the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers - a professional and technical body that aims to provide a strict code of conduct for its members, as well as raising standards for customers.

What do heating or boiler engineers do?

A heating or boiler engineer is there to install, maintain or repair your heating system/boiler. Prior to this, they will need to carry out assessments and checks to ascertain the functionality and security status of your current system.

The central source of your heating can be from one of three types of systems - wet systems, warm air systems and storage heaters. A wet central heating system is when hot water is circulated through a piping system that connects to the radiators.

Warm central heating systems are appealing because they take only one day to install and is unlikely to disrupt home life as the work takes place in the heating compartment area. Also, no pipework or floorboards are affected. Warm air systems work by pulling air through a vent from outside into the home. This is then heated over a gas flame, which is circulated around the home using a duct-system.

A storage heater is an electrical heater that is mounted onto a wall and looks like a radiator. It is powered by drawing electricity at night and storing thermal energy that is then released throughout the day as needed.

How much do heating or boiler engineers cost?

Heating and boiler engineers largely charge using day rates, which are stipulated by the nature and scale of the task(s). A gas engineer could charge between £30 to £100 per hour in the day depending on the size of the company, area, reputation and the response time.

Latest Heating / Boiler Engineer Jobs

Anthony V.

Hi there, we need our boiler checked and likely repaired as it keeps losing pressure every so often - each time we manage to get it back on but as this happens rather frequently we need to get this checked.

Alex F.

Customer is renovating a 3 bed house and would like a quote for installing a new central heating system.

Pedro R.

The boiler in my flat is working as I have hot water. However, the heating has stopped working and would not function. I'm not sure what the problem is...

Luigi L.

Concierge notes: Entirely new central heating system installation as part of a renovation. Gas to block but not flat as yet, but being organised. Is a 550 sqft 1 bed room so probably 3 x rads + 1 x towel rail + combi boiler. Will probably source rads self, but can quote for this too. Would like you to supply pipework and combi. Available for quotes ideally from 2nd March - WED, THU, FRI day time for project to start ideally on 7th March - though some flexiblity for the right pro.

Latest Heating / Boiler Engineer Reviews

by R Z.
EPS successfully tiled the bathroom and it was also fitted with a modern ensuite. Plumbing entailed fitting a powerful pump and modern power shower as well as chrome fittings. The quality of the work & the speed it was completed at was very impressive. Although I was traveling overseas at the time, Nadeem managed to communicate & project manage this upgrade on a timely basis. Through the use of instant messaging I was given regular photo updates as well as being able to provide input as the work was being done. I cannot recommend Nadeem and his team highly enough. I look forward to working with him again as I upgrade the rest of my home!
by Ruchita K.
The handyman were professional and efficient.. Got the job done!
by Anonymous
Very reliable. Great time keeping. Excellent workers. Faultless. Knowledgeable
by Waqqas A.
Excellent work. On time, on budget. Very responsive and professional. Dedicated professionals who did an excellent job. Would recommend them to anyone.