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Finding an insulation specialist

Homeowners who do not have insulation are missing out on a lot; insulation in a home can save you a great deal on heating while also reducing your property’s environmental impact. However, installing insulation is not a simple DIY job. It requires certain safety precautions, as well as a good knowledge of the structure of a property. For this reason, it is best to hire an insulation specialist for the job. Don’t worry about having to pay for a professional though, as you will likely make the money back on your heating bill within a few years!

Finding an insulation specialist can be difficult, with so many choices and factors to consider that you might be tempted to go with the first one you find. It is much easier and quicker to find a high quality Pro through Plentific. The Plentific website can quickly generate a bespoke list of tradesmen in your local area with the skills you need, and each will have a Plentific profile displaying their qualifications, past projects and customer reviews. From the Plentific Dashboard you can message tradesmen and manage your projects with ease, and you can even pay your Pros quickly and securely using the Plentific wallet. Hiring a 'verified' Pro will also qualify you for the Plentific Guarantee, which will cover your project from start to finish. With Pros from all over the UK on site, Plentific can help you find your ideal hire whatever your job may be.

What does an insulation specialist do?

An insulation assesses, removes and installs insulation in a home or business. They will be able to judge the quality of a property’s insulation and advise the owner on how they can improve it, as well as how much they can save as a result! After an assessment they can decide on the type and amount of insulation required for a job, measure and cut sections of insulation to fit on walls and around pipes or to spray insulation into tight spaces with a compressor hose.

There are a number of advantages to insulating your property. Most of a property’s heat loss occurs through the roof, and so insulating an attic is an extremely effective way of stopping this. It can also keep heat out during summer and reduce the amount of noise passing through walls and floors. Installing insulation around boilers and pipes will prevent them from losing heat, and also prevent burns for anyone handling them.

What do I need to know about hiring an insulation specialist?

Becoming an insulation specialist does not require any qualifications; most will have learned on the job or completed an apprenticeship scheme. Because of this, it is important to look at the quality of your choices. An established professional should have positive reviews from previous clientele that they can show you. A great sign of professionalism is membership in a national tradesmans’ organisation, such as the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association (TICA). These organisations have high entry standards which members are required to constantly meet in their work.

If your project would involve an older or listed building, you may have to speak to an asbestos removal specialist, as it was used widely as insulation up until a few decades ago. You may have to hire a damp proof specialist if there are any patches of damp on your walls, as this can make it unsuitable to install insulation. Certain insulation specialists may be qualified to handle these problems, but a high quality professional should be willing to offer you a free assessment for your property so that you can find out about any potential issues.

Another important factor to consider is safety. While insulation is not inherently dangerous, certain types can cause irritation if they come into contact with the skin, eyes or lungs. Your specialist will need to do their work in a well ventilated area, with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). All work will also need to comply with British Standard 8208. A reliable potential hire should be able to answer any questions you have; if they are reluctant or refuse to provide the information, they are one to avoid. Ask your potential hires about the type of insulation they would recommend for your property; the advised thickness for insulation is 270mm, though this will not apply to certain types.

A final aspect to think about is if you have any neighbours whose wall cavities might be impacted by your insulation. If you find that your property’s wall cavities meet with theirs, an installer can add a cavity barrier.

How much will an insulation specialist charge?

The cost of hiring an insulation specialist will firstly depend on the size of your house, as this defines how much work and materials will be required for the job. The age of the house is important too. Again, a professional will usually be able to offer an obligation-free assessment of your property before you hire them.

For an average sized detached house, you could expect to spend around £400 on installing insulation in an attic. If you want to convert the room into living space you will also need to consider having roof insulation installed. The cost of installing insulation in your cavity walls could range between £150 and £500 depending on where you live in the UK. Certain suppliers may be willing to supply and fit insulation for your property free of charge provided you meet specific criteria, such as being on certain benefits.

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