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Hiring a tradesman for basement conversion design and planning

Planning for a basement conversion can seem daunting, considering the costs involved, which is why you need to be sure of the tradesmen you hire to facilitate the project. You can easily find the best tradesmen in your local area that offer basement conversion design and planning through Plentific; using a database containing over 75,000 tradesmen from across the UK, Plentific can speedily generate a list based on services that you specifically require. You will also gain access to customer reviews and ratings to help you compare your options and to make the best hire.

What do you need to know about basement conversion design and planning?

Converting your basement can add a great deal of value to your property, but it requires a big investment and a lot of planning. You should only be at the stage of hiring a tradesman for basement conversion design or planning if you have already had the basement waterproofed (or ‘tanked).

Investing in a designer or planner can help ensure that you are not left feeling unsatisfied and out of pocket. A tradesman offering designing and planning services can assess the room for you, letting you know what you will require in terms of internal lighting, drainage and other elements. Your quote will depend on the amount of help you want: they could simply assess the room, give you advice on furniture and materials, or could help supervise the project from beginning to end. You will want to have a clear idea of what you want from the conversion, as well as a strict budget, before seeking a quote.

Before making your hire, ask to see customer reviews from previous jobs. Feel free to ask for pictures from previous jobs to get an idea of the quality of their work. Converting a basement is a big investment, so be sure that you are confident in your hire.

Latest Reviews

by Raj M.
Sam came with natural flair for design and we found him to be excellent at what he does. He turned around the plans quickly and he assisted when changes needed to be made to them. He is highly recommended.
by Fey A.
Manaf was very quick to respond and gave an honest advice on the project. He's very knowledgeable and his price competitive.
by Sandra C.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Yorke Architecture. If you are looking to hire this business you will be getting a highly skilled company, dedicated to producing excellent quality work. The project involved considerable dialogue between me and our architect; by the end of the project I will end with an exceptional family home of an unique design that maximises every opportunity that could be gleaned from the project.
by Peter S.
Planning a small but complicated extension, we needed someone to guide us through the process. David Fletcher made us feel that all our concerns were listened to constructively and understood, and he would address them with interest and enthusiasm. He is very good at setting out options based on a thorough understanding, and at explaining the principles involved and the reasoning. This helped us to be clear about what we really wanted. We were happy to know that he would take a detailed and thorough approach and was drawing on a huge range of experience. We were also very reassured by his knowledge of the planning process and what to expect at various stages. It was tremendously helpful to have his patient and sympathetic support and I would highly recommend his service.