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Hiring a tradesman to remove ivy

Ivy can be a beautiful addition to a house or a giant nuisance depending on who you ask, but letting it grow unheeded can cause a great deal of damage to a property. Removing ivy can be a tough and dangerous job, not just because of heights but also the chemicals used for removal and, potentially, the presence of wildlife nestled in the ivy.

For a satisfying end result, your best bet is to find a qualified professional through Plentific. The Pentific website can quickly generate a bespoke contact list of tradesmen in your local area that can provide the skills you need. Each Plentific Pro also has a profile, showing their qualifications, past jobs and customer reviews. From the Plentific Dashboard, managing and messaging Pros is easy, and you can pay with complete security through the Plentific Wallet. By hiring a ‘verified’ Pro, you will also gain the Plentific Guarantee, which can completely cover a project from start to finish. Whatever your own project might involve, Plentific can help you find your ideal hire!

What do I need to know about ivy removal?

While beautiful, ivy can be a real pest of a plant. Seen all year round, it can grow fast and dense, up the sides of buildings, trees and across floors. Unhindered ivy growth can cause several problems, too: it can damage a house’s brickwork, grow through rendering, ruin woodwork and even lift roof tiles and soffits. There are even examples of removing wallpaper only to find that ivy plants have burrowed through the rendering in the walls to enter the home! Once ivy enters the home, it can be notoriously difficult to remove. However, it can also be harmful to other plants, weighing down tree canopies and competing for resources. At the same time, ivy is not directly harmful to other plants, and many homeowners love it for its aesthetic charm. It can also benefit wildlife, protecting the ground from frost and proving space for nesting, roosting and hibernating. This can make removing ivy difficult at times, as legally speaking nesting birds cannot be disturbed.

Hiring a professional to remove ivy for you carries several advantage, most notably safety. Removing ivy from a tree or house can require anything from a ladder, to a cherry picker to full scaffolding to do safety. A tradesmen will also have specialist equipment, weed killers and herbicides, as well as the permission to use them. While a tree surgeon can remove or prune ivy, a gardener can also be a suitable tradesman for the latter.

It is important to look at the backgrounds of your potential hires. An arboriculturalist (tree surgeon) should have several years of experience, as well as recommendations from customers and co-workers. A well established professional may have industry or academic qualifications in environmental science or arboriculture. To legally use weeds or pesticides to remove ivy, they will need to present proof of certification from the National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC). They may also belong to a national tradesmans’ organisation, such as the Arboricultural Association. These groups have high entry standards for quality and professionalism that members are required to constantly meet. Your final hire should have active public liability insurance as well as a guarantee for their work.

The cost of removing ivy will depend on the spread and scale of the problem. For larger jobs a site assessment may be necessary; this may be free, or it could have an added fee. Do not be worried about having to pay a fee, as a larger removal job will usually take careful planning, but be sure to collect several quotes. For an average removal job from the side of a house, you could expect to pay around £300.

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HAC Construction did a fantastic job on our garden and I will be using them again. A bit disappointed that Plentific informed me their would be two men on the job as there only turned out to be one which went over our allocated time of 2hours and therefore we had to pay for an extra hour. Also I was also informed HAC do not specialise in gardening jobs, but would be more than happy to use them again.
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Metin was not only hugely professional, brilliant at the job in hand but he also went the extra mile by popping out to B&Q (twice!) when we realised our TV bracket was not the correct one. He was fantastic. I have dealt with a lot of builders and handymen recently and Metin was the best of the best. Will definitely be using again.
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Wallpapered a small room for me. Work of excellent quality. The guys were professional , courteous, timely. Would recommend for decorating jobs