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Japanese knotweed is one of Britain’s most famous problem plants. If you suspect you may have it on your property it is crucial that you get it inspected and removed as quickly as possible in order to avoid significant costs down the line. You may even be denied a mortgage for your construction or development project if Japanese knotweed is present on site. Removing it is a highly specialist job, which is why finding the right tradesman is key. Plentific can help you along quickly with a service that can generate bespoke contact lists of the best tradesmen in your local area based on your post code and the requirements of your job. With quick access to customer ratings and reviews for each of your options, using Plentific is a great way to ensure that when you make your hire, you can make it with confidence.

What do you need to know about Japanese knotweed inspection or removal?

The thing to remember about Japanese knotweed is that the cost of its removal will be outweighed by the costs of allowing it to spread. Known as one of the UK’s most dangerous and disruptive plants, Japanese knotweed can easily disrupt development and construction plans, and can even damage a building’s foundations. Getting rid of it is not a DIY project, as the roots are grow deep that the only long term solutions require careful expertise. Costs will depend on the size of your property, the scale of the infestation, your location and your property’s type, as well as the method used to dispose of the knotweed. A long term solution can easily cost several thousand pounds, but this cost will only go up if you allow the knotweed to keep growing. Letting it spread onto a neighbour’s property is even punishable by law. Although it is fairly well known, there are several plants that are commonly mistaken for Japanese knotweed, so if you are unsure it can pay to have a qualified gardener identify it for you beforehand. A professional used to exterminating the plant will want to inspect your site first and identify whether your problem plant is, in fact, knotweed, before recommending the best course of action to you. Once the plant is identified, it is important to collect several quotes for its removal in order to ensure you get the most competitive quote possible.

Given the difficulty in removing Japanese knotweed it is important that your chosen tradesman is properly qualified and experienced to handle the job. The plant is tenacious to the extent that tradesmen will often offer a guarantee for their removals in case it returns the next year. Your best bet is to check customer reviews for each of your options to see if their previous jobs went well and whether previously removed knotweed ended up returning. Before hiring a tradesman you should lastly make sure that they are adequately covered against accidental damage and liabilities.

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A friendly BPM man came today and diagnosed and fitted the new shower. I'm amazed at how quickly it was sorted! Also, we have had the stopper put on their window in the shower room. Thank you for sorting it out for us.