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Landscape design is a great way to make the most of your property’s outdoor space. A beautiful garden is more than just something to look at: it can add up to 15% to the value of your property, and so whether or not you’ve got a green thumb it is definitely worth exploring your options. A landscape designer can turn your garden space, whatever size or shape it might be, into a wonderful addition to your property.

When it comes to planning, landscaping and architecture it pays to take the time to find an ideal, qualified hire. Plentific can help you find the best options in your local area: the Plentific website can quickly generate a bespoke contact list of tradesmen nearby that offer the services you need, and each will have a Plentific profile displaying their qualifications, experience and customer reviews. The Plentific Dashboard makes managing projects and messaging Pros simple, while the Plentific Wallet makes online payments completely secure. Finally, by hiring a ‘verified’ professional on Plentific, you may qualify for the Plentific Guarantee, which can cover your entire project free of charge. Whatever your job might be, or however large your garden might be, Plentific is here to help you find your ideal hire.

What do I need to know about landscape design?

‘Landscape design’ covers a lot of areas, and can be facilitated by a number of different tradesmen. ‘Soft’ design, like plant care, planting trees and flowers and helping to advise on a care schedule, would usually be handled by a gardener or garden designer. ‘Hard’ options, such as changing the landscape of your garden, making additions like paths, patio areas and water features or constructing garden buildings, would be handled by a landscaper or landscape architect. There is a lot of overlap, but you can usually decide which type of tradesman to call based on exactly what you want for your new garden area. A larger firm may employ several different types of tradesmen for your job.

A Pro well established in garden design will be able to walk you carefully through your needs and budget. Typically, hiring a tradesman for garden design will take up 10-20% of your project’s budget, with larger and more expensive projects requiring a smaller percentage. This can be worth it not just for the value the finished project will add to your house, but also for the tradesman’s expertise. They can advise you on how to make your garden look as good as possible, and also provide a schedule of care for when the project is completed. With great design, your new garden will only look better as you tend to it and allow it to grow. However, make sure your tradesmen know not to make any additions to the plans or unauthorised purchases without your express permission. Let them understand that they are working to your vision, not theirs.

Usually in a landscape design project your Pro will provide a set of blueprints. This brings us to planning permission; while you are unlikely to need planning permission for your new garden, it is still worth checking with your local authority. It may be that your landscaped garden will alter your property’s drainage, or the dimensions of a new building like a shed or garden office could be above the legal limits. You should also have your landscape designer work closely with Pros from any other active home improvement projects you have going on, especially if they involve alterations to the structure of your property. If you do end up having to apply for planning permission for more than one project, it is best to send your applications off together.

When hiring a tradesman it is important to check their background, and given the amount of overlap between roles regarding landscape design, this is even more important. Examine a candidate’s experience and make sure that they have worked on projects similar to yours in the past. Check too that they have positive customer reviews from past projects. A landscaper or landscape designer will have completed an industry approved qualification, which they should be happy to provide evidence of. They may also belong to a national tradesmans’ association, such as the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA). These groups have high standards for professionalism and quality of work that all members are obligated to meet. Finally, make sure your final hire has both public liability and private indemnity insurance, as well as a guarantee for their work.

Latest Reviews

by Nick H.
Very professional at everything they do. Would definitely recommend using them.
by Asif H.
Excellent communications, friendly, competitive price. He came over and did the preliminary report- knows his stuff. We didn't end up progressing with any further work... but would not hesitate to use him in the future if we needed to. recommended+++
by Mary A.
Hard to believe that the garden we imagined at the outset was accomplished so quickly, painlessly and true to our original vision. From design to budget, hard landscaping to planting, Philip collaborated with us at every stage. Most importantly, he listens to his clients and for us, what began as a business relationship between client and contractor evolved into partnership and then into friendship. From the outset he understood what we wanted to achieve and he was pragmatic and clear about where we could compromise and where we could not. His level of communication is superb. His designs work. His plants flourish. His team works quickly and tidily. He finishes on time and on budget and the end result is stunning and will enduring. Philip is not from the stable of garden designers who produce exquisite watercolours of how your garden ‘might’ be. He is practical to a fault. He deals with the unforeseen with a problem-solving mentality and with good humour. He will overcome logistical problems to give you the skeleton of a garden that will work in terms of how you use it - drainage, location, soil, aspect etc. and then and only then he will flesh it out and make it pretty. That is definitely the right way round. Clever planting is only worth the outlay if your plants thrive and his, all carefully and assiduously sourced and at a very keen price, all thrive. Philip will roll up his sleeves and get stuck in or talk you through a complex irrigation or lighting scheme with equal ease and his knowledge as a plantsman is invaluable. What started for us as a relatively modest trial scheme grew to the much more ambitious finished product largely because of our confidence in his ability to deliver and execute our shared ideas for what might work. Setting aside the enormous and ongoing pleasure the garden has given us since its installation it has added enormously to the value of our property and in that sense it has been an enormous investment in both financial and lifestyle terms. After all the hard work Philip was guest of honour at our housewarming party which was held, of course, in our new garden. Our only misgiving is that he will now be poached by all our friends…
by Ian S.
Did work refurbishing my flat in Westminster. Was a great job and a lovely chap. Would recommend to anyone as he was recommended to me by my fellow colleagues. Ian