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Hiring a tradesman for patio design or installation

A patio is something you want to be satisfied with for a long time, so finding the right tradesmen to design or install it can require careful consideration. Plentific can help you along by providing you with a list of of the best tradesmen in your local area that offer patio design or installation as a service, as well as quick access to customer reviews to help you make your choice.

What do you need to know about patio design or installation?

Before you can get around to having your patio installed, there are a number of smaller prep jobs that may be required. Is the ground in the patio area flat, or does an old patio need to be removed? Are there drainage requirements to consider, and will excess soil have to be taken away? You should be able to get your job assessed by a tradesman, possibly free of charge, so do this if you can. Make sure you ask for a price breakdown when you are given a quote as this should list the jobs required in addition to installing the patio, and some you may be able to do yourself.

You will want to take time to consider your options for your patio. Different materials have different pros and cons: wood is cheaper but requires a lot more maintenance than natural stone, which is more expensive and takes longer to install, but requires very little maintenance. You may also be able to choose between different techniques such as brushing or ridge pointing your patio. You may want patterns in place in your patio design, in which case you will definitely want to ask to see photos of your tradesman’s previous jobs, along with customer reviews. Be sure that they have experience with the materials you have chosen for your patio.

A tradesman offering patio design or installation as a service may have completed an apprenticeship or a college or industrial qualification. They may also be part of a tradesman’s organisation, which can help vouch for their expertise as such groups typically enforce high standards and codes of conduct for members.

Before making your final decision, check that your choice is adequately covered for accidental damage and liabilities, and ensure that you get this in writing. You should also make sure they have a policy in place for if you are unsatisfied with their completed work, or if additional attention is required once the job is finished.

How much does patio design or installation cost?

The cost of installing a patio is usually calculated per square meter, so ensure you do accurate measurements and compare these with those taken by your choices. It will also depend on the type of materials you are using for the patio, as well as what jobs are required before and after installing the patio itself. This could include laying sand and grit or base slabs, flattening the area or removing waste. Have the site assessed before work commences and make sure you have a price breakdown to keep you aware of which jobs are necessary. You may be able to do some of them yourself to save money.

There are other factors which can raise the price of a patio design or installation job. If your garden has poor access tradesmen may not be able to bring in certain equipment and the job may take longer. Depending on the work involved it is likely that you will require a skip for waste disposal, so be sure this is included in the price breakdown. Finally, be aware that tiles can be damaged during transport or if they need to be shaped, so when buying materials make an allowance of around 20% to cover such accidents, though this is something you can discuss with your tradesman.

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