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Hiring a tradesman for tree planting

Trees are a great addition to any garden. They’re aesthetically pleasing, and are superb for the environment. However, what a lot of people fail to appreciate is that different types of tree require specific conditions and planting methods to grow healthily. Planting larger trees also requires a good knowledge of the correct safety protocols and, often, specialist equipment. For these reasons it is best to speak to a professional about your tree planting, even if it is just for a consultation.

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What do I need to know about tree planting?

While ‘tree planting’ might sound simple, Pros that offer the service often work with anything from a tiny sapling to a giant specimen, with roots weighing more than your car! Different trees also require different planting methods and conditions: while some might need to be planted with a root ball, others should be planted with bare roots. Some may require staking or ground anchoring, while some might do better planted shallow than deep.

Hiring a professional gardener or arboriculturalist (tree surgeon) to plant your trees is the best way to ensure healthy growth. Not only will they have a good knowledge of different trees and their needs, but they will also have access to specialist equipment, such as digging tools or cranes.

When planting trees it is highly unlikely that you will need planning permission. However, it can be wise to ask your local planning authority about any regulations regarding things like height, proximity to structures and roads, and so on. Your neighbours could, for example, complain if your new tree deprives them of natural light.

A well established gardener or tree surgeon should be able to provide you with all the help you need. Check the background of your potential hires carefully: they may have passed an apprenticeship or equivalent industry course, and may even belong to a national tradesmans’ association, such as Arboricultural Association. These groups have high standards for professionalism and work quality which members are obligated to meet on jobs. Because gardeners and tree surgeons do not necessarily need qualifications to work, it is important to check experience and customer reviews. A well established professional should be able to provide information on all of this. Your final hire will need to have active public liability insurance, as well as a guarantee for their work.

The cost of planting a tree will depend on the size, type and weight of the tree. It can be good to hire a tradesman who has relationships with local tree nurseries, as they may be able to get you a good deal. As well as the cost of the tree itself, you will need to pay for transport, delivery and planting; depending on the tree, this will usually add up to around £1,000 at least. Collect several quotes and compare them carefully to make sure you get a competitive price.