12 Interior Design Hacks on a Small Budget

Whether you’re building or renovating your home, the process can get very expensive. Once you have completed all the big, necessary tasks that need to be done, it is sometimes the case that the interior design part of the process has been forgotten about, or there just isn’t enough money left in the budget. Interior design can cover a multitude of things in your home – from the colour you want to paint your home all the way to what soft furnishings you think you should put in your sitting room. Simone Gordon, from interior design firm Owl Design, gave us a couple of tips for embarking on interior design plans on a small budget, which can be a reality for a lot of people embarking on their property journey.

Simone says, “Set out your project in stages: When updating your home don’t feel you need to rush to get it done all at once. Take time and set out your project in easily affordable stages. Spreading out the costs can make a project much more manageable and you may find you have the funds to spend a little bit more on that piece of furniture or flooring you’ve always wanted, to complete the look.
“Invest in key room features: When designing your space, work out what the key pieces are and put aside a little bit more budget for them. The key pieces are the items you notice first in a room which make an impact. Items, which are used everyday, hold their value or are hard to change make good candidates for key pieces. That could be an art piece, new flooring or a well-made piece of bespoke furniture. In the long run you will not regret spending a little bit more on an item which brings everything together,” she adds.

While you’re saving up for your dream design concept, you can try any number of interior design hacks to brighten up your home while you wait. These idea are quick, painless and extremely cheap and cheerful ways to brighten up your home on a small budget.

Paint the side of your door

If you and your partner/housemate are struggling to agree over a colour scheme or a particularly bold hue in a shared room, why not paint the side of your door? This brightens up the room, gives a pop of colour and is only visible when you want it to be.

Light an array of candles in an unused fireplace

Fireplaces can often stand empty in flats, where someone had tried to make a feature fireplace without thinking of the logistics of a chimney. Filling this space with candles can both create a nice feature in your room and give the room some more light while you’re at it.

Half-painted walls to give the illusion of higher ceilings

This all depends on the colours you are painting the room but often, this can give the illusion of higher ceilings. Painting to a certain point of the wall and painting the rest the same colour as the ceiling can elongate the walls and make the ceilings seem higher.

Painted dresser drawers

This feature is really cute in a nursery or a child’s bedroom. If you have a colour scheme in a bedroom or want to brighten up those white walls, painting the sides of your dresser drawers with that colour scheme or in primary colours can add that splash of colour you need. It’s a very quick task and can make the world of difference.

Use coloured tape to make your hangers look pretty

If you want to up-cycle something in your home but don’t want to spend lots of money, Washi Tape is going to be your best friend. Available in most department stores, stationary shops and countless websites, this tape costs about £1 (depending on the pattern) and comes in endless designs and colours. Wrap some of this around your hanger in lots of different ways to create a sleek or vintage effect.

Draw design on a light bulb with a Sharpie

It may seem odd to draw on a lightbulb but this idea takes two seconds to do and can have a lovely effect, if done right. This type of idea is perfect for a child’s room or if you want to create a talking point. Put on your creative hat and get drawing and see if your artwork will display on the walls in a whole new way.

Slim floating bookcases to add storage to dead space

Sometimes when moving, you have lots of books or DVDs and no place to put them. In this instance, getting slim bookcases and securing them to the wall in areas of dead space, like narrow hallways, can give you lots of extra storage with little space required. If you secure them to the wall, leaving the bookcase ‘floating’, there will also be less floor space needed.

Move seating away from the walls

This may seem like an extremely simple solution but for so little effort, it can actually be very effective. Moving your seating away from the wall in your sitting room creates a much more intimate space for family and friends but also makes the room look more spacious. This can also be an immediate way of breaking up a room if you feel that it is too long. Breaking it up with seating gives the illusion that it is another space completely.

Paint an inexpensive piece of furniture white or cream

You can do a lot with a piece of furniture with a bit of care and attention. Up-cycling a piece of old unloved furniture can be great fun and will give the illusion of space and cleanliness in your home. You can find old pieces of furniture in charity shops and car boot sales, or you could even use some of your own old furniture that you don’t use anymore.

Reupholster chairs with old curtains

Rather than throwing your old curtains in the bin or giving them away, why not make cushion covers out of them or even reupholster your chairs? There is so much material in curtains and although yours might not be stylish or may be a bit frayed, they will give an armchair that shabby chic vintage look.