50 Shades of Trade

In anticipation for the release of the sequel, 50 Shades Darker, we have produced a helpful guide for anyone hoping to recreate the infamous red room from the 50 Shades of Grey series. We won’t tell if you won’t…

So, exactly which tradesmen do you talk to about creating a red room?

  • Soundproofing - Builder

Builders are strong, determined, and they’re also the perfect tradesmen for making your new red room completely soundproof. Homeowners that install recording studios or private cinemas often pay extra to make the rooms soundproof so that they can be enjoyed without disturbing anyone. 

Whilst you might lose some floor space you will gain a much greater level of privacy, which your neighbours will also be thankful for.

  • Subtlety - Structural Engineer

Trust us: one of the worst things that can happen when creating a red room is to have a council engineer walk in, declare it unsafe and force you to undo your work. It’s inconvenient as well as embarrassing. 

If you are planning to convert a room or basement, be sure to have a structural engineer look over your plans in detail.

  • Mood Lighting - Electrician

Lighting is important for creating ambience in a room, and when it comes to red rooms ambience is crucial! The right choice of mood lighting, and maybe the odd dimmer switch, can give you the power to change the ambience of your room in a snap, which means you don’t have to choose between bright light and fumbling in the dark.

It’s important never to do electrical work unless you have the proper experience, so get an electrician to install your new lighting well in advance. We wouldn’t want anything shocking to happen.

  • Getting Out of Locks - Locksmith

The role of a locksmith in this scenario might seem obvious, but people rarely consider the innovations which have been made with security over the last few years. 

A locksmith can advise the most up-to-date measures for keeping your red room private and secure, from shackle sized padlocks to digital door security systems. Not to mention, it’s useful to keep their number for emergencies!

  • Make it Redder - Painter

A red room does not necessarily have to be red, but it definitely deserves its own coat of paint. We all know how difficult it is to feel romantic when you can’t stop staring at the peeling wallpaper. 

A painter can ensure a great finish for your red room. They may also be able to recommend wall graphics if you have chosen a theme.

  • The Right Equipment - Furniture Specialist

Finding furniture for a red room can be tricky, and it’s not easy to approach the topic with the employees at your local retailer. A local furniture specialist can help you source the ideal furniture for your red room, or they could even recommend a contact to create custom items for you. 

A skilled joiner can even craft furniture to the perfect shape to fit into any empty spaces.

  • Better with Two - Handyman

Whatever the situation, assembling furniture is always a chore. A good quality handyman will have experience assembling furniture, and should be able to turn their skills to your unique project without too much fuss. 

Just remember that handymen often have a minimum callout charge, so have some other odd jobs prepared for them!

  • Never Leave the Room - Home Automation Specialist

Home automation lets you control different aspects of your home from a smart device. 

With a home automation specialist’s help you can turn on music, adjust the lighting or raise the heating without having to leave the room. This way you can avoid any annoying interruptions!  

  • Cleaner

Need we say more?

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