Bethnal Green

When it comes to the London property market, shocking prices are just a fact of life. Still, this property in Bethnal Green may just take the cake.

Residents of Museum House were shocked when a former storehouse in their car park went on sale for £350,000. Offering just 17 square meters of floor space, one neighbour compared it to “Harry Potter’s bedroom under the stairs”.

“This charming studio flat set on the ground floor boasts a smart kitchen, bright studio room and is ideally located close to Bethnal Green station,” said Foxtons, the estate agency.

Bethnall Green

The “studio flat” is actually a converted storehouse from when Museum House, which was built in 1888, was a Victorian poorhouse. 

The interior of the studio is certainly “bright”, with pure white walls and ample lighting for such a small space. The “smart kitchen” sits opposite a sofa and coffee table, with the bedroom area located at the far end from the door.

“I can’t believe it’s selling for that much,” Maz Carney, a neighbour paying £1,200 to live in the block, told the Evening Standard. “It looks about the size of Harry Potter’s bedroom under the stairs.

Bethnal Green poor house

Parking here is already a nightmare and that house is bang in the middle of the car park. I struggle to get out at the best of times.

I didn’t know anybody actually lived in there, I thought it was a storage unit for a local Scout group or something. I really don’t know what you’re paying for. It seems crazy to me.”

While the property might be lacking in space, it does have a fantastic location. Being just up the road from Bethnal Green Station, the property has excellent transport links. Foxtons also pointed out that the flat is “ideally located off Roman Road”, which holds a regular market along with other events.

With a price tag that is almost £150,000 above the UK house price of £207,308, it might seem unlikely that the little studio will find an owner. Still, this is the London property market, where shocking prices are just a fact of life!